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11 Killer Tips to Stop Saying “Um” Forever

Do you use filler words like “um,” “so,” and “like” when you speak? Check out this infographic from  

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12 Speeches in 12 Days with 12 Photos

I got to speak 12 times in Australia for the first time and had a blast! Here are 12 photos with 12 reminders from my 12 days […]

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A Quick Reminder

I have been moving at what feels like 1,000 miles per hour this past week while speaking in Australia for the first time! We have had […]

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Books Leaders Should Read

10 Books Aspiring Leaders In Their 20s Should Read

I wish I would have started reading at an earlier age, but it is never too late! As we develop our leadership skills, we can learn […]

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The Five Ps To a Perfect Proposal

Starting out I wasn’t getting the results I wanted nor the revenue a full-time speaker really needed to make ends meet. I had proposals in the […]

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Can Kids Get In The Way of Your BIG Dreams?

This week, I have a guest post written by Joe Shaw; a fellow blogger, Map to Dreaming BIG member and all around good guy! It’s 3:42am. I’ve […]

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