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(SIGNED COPY) Speaker Leader Champion: Succeed at Work Through The Power of Public Speaking
Learn 92 speaking strategies guaranteed to wow any audience! Donovan and Avery dissect winning speeches to provide tips and techniques that will help business professionals improve their speaking, presentation, and communication skills. Readers learn the same skills used by Toastmasters champions, including David Brooks, Darren LaCroix, and Craig Valentine. The book also includes a section of highly specialized tips and advice for those who aspire to become serious public speaking competitors.
REFLECTIONS: 30+ Strategies for Winning The World Championship of Public Speaking
In this 2-CD set you will learn 30+ strategies for what it took Ryan and Chelsea to train for the World Championship of Public Speaking. Learn how to write and deliver a speech they’ll remember. You will find out the key components in delivering a World Championship Speech, how do you keep the audience engaged, how do you deal with nerves, what are the best ways to practice for World Championships and so much more!!! Take zero risk with a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee.
Push Past It: The Evolution of a Championship Speech
In 2012, Ryan Avery entered his first international speech competition, competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries to become the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history. He took his grandmother’s advice and created a speech which illustrated that life is limited and why we must push past our fears. In this mini-documentary DVD, follow Ryan on his journey as he works to become the World Champion of Public speaking. You get the good, the bad and the ugly of what it means to have your wife as your coach, another World Champion as your mentor and why he competed in the first place.
The How to Be a Speaker Home Study Course
The How to be a Speaker Home Study Course, by Dr. Randy Harvey and Ryan Avery, will show you how to make money speaking, will teach you how to develop and deliver winning speeches and shave hundreds of hours off your learning curve! Harvey and Avery teach you how to share your stories that make a difference in the world.You learn how to write, deliver and create speeches that come from the heart and persuade your audience to take action. The How to Be a Speaker Study Course is the most affordable and value-packed product on the market for speakers looking to make an income and difference!

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