Why Ryan Avery?

Tremendous Business Value
Ryan is more than an award-winning story teller and trained motivational speaker. Ryan gives tangible strategies, business examples and easy to implement takeaways to improve all areas of your business! Companies and organizations around the world trust Ryan to help their leaders communicate effectively to enhance their business, motivate their employees and add value to their consumers.
Proven Trainer
From Rhode Island to Russia, from Boston to the Bahamas, Ryan has delivered value to hundreds of audiences around the world to business leaders spanning various industries.
Flexible Formats
From interactive keynotes, to one-hour to three-day workshops, to extended Q&A sessions to pre-meeting webinars, Ryan can provide value to those you serve in the way that is most convenient for you.
Easy to Work With
From the initial phone call to following up, Ryan and his team work to build relationships with those he works with and make it easy for you to stay in touch, reach and follow up.
World Champion
After competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries, Ryan became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in History in 2012. He is a proud member of The National Speakers Association (NSA) and continues to be recognized for his unique speaking style.
Best-Selling Author
Ryan sold and signed 1,300 books at his first USA signing for his new book, Speaker, Leader, Champion: Succeed at Work Through The Power of Public Speaking. It is a #1 best selling book on Amazon, translated into three languages and has sold thousands of copies world-wide.
Media Magnet
Ryan has been featured on major media outlets, TV stations, radio shows, magazines and newspapers around the world from CNBC to ABC to the Epoch Times and more!

Find out more information about Ryan's availability and fee schedule. Or, feel free to call John Hastie at +1 512.867.5440. John handles all of Ryan's speaking requests.

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