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What leadership lesson can we learn from swimming with a school of baby manta rays?

Ryan Avery

Author Ryan Avery

Hi, my name is Ryan Avery! Every Sunday I share the "notes" I use to build my keynotes. They are personal stories and tangible strategies we can use to improve the way we communicate at work, at home and with ourselves.

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  • Marc Gabris says:

    Life is not all about work : ) Work hard, play hard.

  • Dora barbeito says:

    What a great experience and such a good lesson also I want to add to young people that are working under bad leaders please change job money is not everything you need to be able to respect and learn from the people that you are working for to go in right direction and personal growth ,also I love you Ryan and always proud of you

  • Ryan Avery says:

    Thank you Dora! What a great reminder as well and thank you so much for sharing! I hope to see you soon and please tell the family I say hi!

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