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Ahh, V-Day! The day some couples love, and a day most single people dread!

A holiday institutionalized by Hallmark and chocolate companies everywhere. Instead of debating whether you like, love, or hate this day, why not participate in a fun giveaway?

GIVEAWAY: In the comments below, share about one thing you love (person, place or thing) and why you feel love towards it!

One lucky winner will receive a very, very special Post-Valentine’s Day giveaway that will include 75% off Valentine’s Day chocolate and a Starbucks gift card! I will post the winner in the comments below in 48 hours!

Hope you had a great V-Day! I am looking forward to reading your answers. As always…

Dream BIG,

Ryan Avery

Author Ryan Avery

Hi, my name is Ryan Avery! Every Sunday I share the "notes" I use to build my keynotes. They are personal stories and tangible strategies we can use to improve the way we communicate at work, at home and with ourselves.

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Join the discussion 9 Comments

  • Aldrin Santos says:

    I love speaking! It’s because I am able to express myself with creativity and passion, while being able to inspire, motivate and move people towards making a difference.

  • Sharon Rollefson, DTM, IPDG says:

    I Love, Love, Love the Daytona 500 NASCAR Race. See you at the Track Feb 22, 2015. Sharon

  • Sierra Hastings says:

    I love my best friend, Karen Cosio, because she is the most kind and sincere person I’ve had the opportunity to meet. She’s always there to help her friends when they are struggling, and never expects the same in return. I don’t know if she realizes just how many people love her, or the number of people she has made an impact on, but that number is huge. She is so sweet, and I am so so lucky to have herin my life, and love her with all my heart. I hope that we will be best friends until we are old ladies!

  • Donni says:

    I love Toastmasters because it is always a challenge for me. Toastmasters pushes me to be a better person, to want to improve, and to never give up!

  • David Nottingham says:

    Love my darling wife of 16+years because she challenges me and gets me to try things I might not have tried before – such as the Bow Tie Days I am currently doing 1x per week.

  • Kathy says:

    I love my family, it is my most proud accomplishment and I feel so very blessed to say that. From my husband of 41 years, and still going strong, to my children and their accomplishments, it’s what I dreamed of as a little girl, so dreams do come true.

  • Ryan Avery says:

    CONGRATS!!!! You are this month’s winner of the Post V-Day Giveaway Donni! Please send me your physical address via email at ryan (at) and I will get it sent out in the mail this week! Thanks for being a great follower and Todayer Donni and I look forward to reading your future comments!

  • Ryan Avery says:

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s giveaway! I really enjoyed reading your answers and seeing what and who you love! This month’s winner is Donni! I do giveaways every month so make sure you stay tuned, subscribe to the articles and thanks for being part of the Todayer Team!

  • Donni says:

    Thank you, Ryan, for providing great content and advice! Thanks for the contest as well 🙂

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