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Kettering Health Network Young Professionals

Fall 2020 Half Day Workshop

Testimonial for Ryan

“When you are looking to invest in communication and leadership training for your team, Ryan Avery is the highest return on investment you can get. Ryan provides tangible strategies that can be used instantly to increase confidence and create connection with those you serve. I still have my staff coming up to me telling me how they used a Ryan Avery strategy during their latest call or meeting and how much it helped them! Ryan over-delivers and brings it every time, that is why we’ll absolutely be using him for future events.” 

Michael Fraser, PhD MSMSL CAE FCPP
Executive Director, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Ryan’s Press Kit

Get the sharable videos, Forbes articles, bio and more to plan and prepare for the event. Anything else you need? You got it, Lyndy and Ryan have your back!
Download Press-Kit. 

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Ryan Avery

Pat Hopkins

ECP Chair,
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

"Ryan Avery delivered an interactive and unforgettable keynote filled with laughs, compelling stories, and actionable advice focused on how to go from A leader to THE leader in any field. Throughout his talk, attendees learned from Ryan how to eliminate vocabulary and body language that diminish the confidence others have in you, were challenged to question their current ways of thinking, and learned how to improve storytelling to captivate and motivate others.
Ryan’s brass tacks advice gave all of Baxter’s Early Career Professional (ECP) advocates the spark and direction to begin driving immediate change as THE leader within their teams and even in their daily lives. Ryan, ECP thanks you for delivering such a positive, fun, and useful keynote to Baxter’s ECP."

Ryan Avery’s Keynotes


Ryan Avery interviews at least three people who will be in the audience before the event. He works with you and your team to completely customize the message while using real-life personal and professional stories that relate to his audiences.


Ryan Avery provides tangible strategies audiences can use right away. His audiences are known for implementing his strategies right away and can be used in their personal and professional life. Ryan's goal is to add more value during his keynote than most will receive all year!


Ryan Avery's keynote provides strategies and stories that you will call upon for years to come. His stories and strategies are easy to implement and easy to recall and allow you to accelerate your achievements in and out of work.