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Winning with Ryan Avery

9 Reasons “Those” People Always Win

By Motivation One Comment

You know those people who always win? They seem to have everything, accomplish everything, and do everything! Well, here are nine reasons why “those” people always win:

They start. They don’t care about knowing how to do it; they learn along the way. They are not held down by waiting until everything is perfect before starting. They get started and get closer to becoming perfect. It’s like Jim Rohn said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”

They keep going. They fail… oh, boy do they fail, but they take that failure, learn from it, and move on. They keep going when times are good, when times are rough, and when times are uncertain. They always keep moving forward while appreciating the past!

They have a positive attitude. Negative things come their way on a regular basis, but they have learned to find the positive in it. They have learned how to learn from the negative rather than let it consume them. Their attitude is infectious. They work hard to build up others along the way!

They evaluate their performance. Whether they win or lose they are constantly seeing what they can do to get better, be better, and do better the next time. They look at wins and losses in the same way, as opportunities for improvement. They ask others for feedback, and they work to incorporate the suggestions the next time.

They hangout with other winners Winners hang out with other winners! You think Michael Jordan hangs out with a bench warmer? No, he hangs out with Michal Phelps and Oprah! Whom you surround yourself with is whom you will become. Take a mental note of the people with whom you socialize; it’s time for some people to acquire new friends!

They believe in themselves. They are constantly believing in themselves and their abilities. They might not know how to do it, but they have the drive and will to learn how. They say “I can” and “I will” on a regular basis.

They invest their time. They are not spending their time, they are investing their time. While others are watching TV, playing video games, and sleeping in late, they are up early, reading books, practicing, and getting out there!

They focus. They are not trying to do five things at once. They are all in. They focus and put their attention level to the test by pushing all of their brain power to accomplish the task at hand! They focus, focus, focus!

They delegate. They know what their strengths and weaknesses are, and they do something about it. They utilize their strengths and delegate their weaknesses to others. They surround themselves with a strong team who can take on any challenge and look at instilling the same qualities in their teams as the ones listed above!

Constant winners don’t wait for things to happen. They make things happen! They take the above nine things and work on them everyday! Ask yourself… are you a winner? As always…

Dream BIG,