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The 5 Best Books for Speakers

The 5 Best Books for Speakers

By Communication, Motivation 6 Comments

Here are the best books for speakers. These five books have changed my personal and professional life in some way or another when it comes to being a better speaker:

Million Dollar Consulting. This book is hands-down the best business book I have read on public speaking and consulting. If you read only one book on the business side of speaking and consulting, let it be this one! It is life changing!

Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln. This was the book I read which helped me win the world championship of public speaking in 2012. I still utilize the tools in this book. Anyone serious about speaking on stage needs to pick up a copy!

Speaker Leader Champion. Yes, I wrote this book with Jeremey Donovan, but more importantly–what this book allowed me to do was dive deeper into public speaking and the art and science behind motivating people on stage. I learned more from writing this book than I have from any other thing I have done as a speaker. It is for those looking to excel in the workplace through the power of public speaking. I recommend for anyone wanting to teach a subject to write a book about it, first. It forces you to focus, research, and find stories that can help your target audience.

Stop Talking, Start Communicating. I was handed a copy of this book by my publisher. It changed the way I communicate on a day-to-day basis. Those who are searching for ways to improve the way they communicate on and off stage need to pick up a copy of Geoffrey’s book!

Confessions of a Public Speaker. This book gives great insight into why people are afraid of public speaking, what it is really like being a professional speaker, and why everyone is not fit for it in the first place! It’s a great read filled with tips, stories, and strategies for those of us who call ourselves speakers.

Read and implement the strategies found in one of these five books this year and watch your personal and professional life strengthen immediately! As always…

Dream BIG,

Question: What other books do you recommend? Leave your answers in the comments below!