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Chelsea Avery

Chelsea’s Quotes – Volume II

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The tradition continues! Here are the top quotes from Chelsea these past few weeks with a giveaway at the end!

“I wish Sugar had thumbs so she could get me water!”
In relation to Sugar being our dog and that being the reason why she wish she had thumbs!

“OMG. It was one lick and it was adorable.”
In relation to me walking in our apartment and Chelsea was using my computer while Sugar was licking the screen more than once!

“I should have known that was calamari and not an onion ring!”
In relation to us being at a seafood restaurant and them bringing out appetizers and Chelsea’s not being happy that she tried the calamari.

“It’s because you are loud and have a girly voice!”
In relation to me saying, “I feel like a lot of people are looking at me right now.”

“I hope if you ever become a pop star you ask me to be in your music videos.”
In relation to her randomly saying this to me while we were taking a walk!

“I don’t know what is happening over there but it could make me cry!”
In relation to a family hugging at the airport and my wife being overly emotional! 

“I am really jealous your Aunt gets to spend time with your parents this weekend and be on the beach and eat your mom’s cooking and have your mom and dad pay for things!”
In relation to it being true that when we are with my parents they do spoil us with love, food and fun little surprises!

“You can just say goat cheese. No one will judge you.”
In relation to us being at a fancy restaurant and me not being able to pronounce chèrve.

“I just want everyone to know how good I am at lip syncing. I mean I even made my parents sit and watch me lip sync in the living room to Titanic-that’s how good I am!”
In relation to her being 100% serious!

GIVEAWAY: Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below and automatically be entered to win a free download of REFLECTIONS ($27). As always…

Dream BIG,


Ryan Avery Diving

5 Entrepreneurial Traits Demonstrated in Thailand

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Every year Chelsea and I take a honeymoon to relax, rejuvenate and relish in the life we are building together. This year we chose Phuket, Thailand and what an experience it has been! We have enjoyed scuba diving adventures, $8 (one-hour) massages and a guy snot rocketing all over my shoeless feet!

Overall, this trip has been one that will be remembered for a lifetime. Throughout our adventures here, I have been reminded of a few things that entrepreneurs do that others do not.

Here are 5 entrepreneurial traits learned in Thailand: 

1) All entrepreneurs need a break and time to relax: Even when I have been “on vacation,” I was still checking emails, social media and planning for what my 2014 Q3 and Q4 would look like. This trip was different. I turned off my phone, didn’t check emails and had my posts automatically scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have not felt this recharged in a very long time. Take time to take a break and disconnect for a while. It will be good for your soul, mind and spirit! When is the last time you have done this?
Ryan and Chelsea Avery

2) Jump in head first: I went scuba diving off the islands of Ko Phi Phi and while we were waiting to go on our second dive, they let you jump off the side of the boat. The boat rocked back and forth and you had to jump at just the right time. If you put your foot in the wrong place or jumped the wrong way you could seriously hurt yourself. To be an entrepreneur, you need an adventurous spirit and to be smart about the choices you make. Once you decide to jump, do it with everything you have and make a splash.

Ryan Avery Diving

3) Shortcuts are short-lived: We took several “shortcuts” to get to beaches while we were here that led to bug-bites, scratches and a muddy hill that almost killed us (A shot of Chelsea before we climbed the hill. We both were not smiling after we climbed to the top). If you want to be truly successful, there are no shortcuts and even if they do work, half the time they cost you more pain than if you took the long way. What shortcuts should you be avoiding and what ways should you really be going to get to your goals?
Ryan Avery and Chelsea Avery in Thialnd

4) Little things make a big difference: Right now, we are staying at the JW Marriott in Phuket and let me tell you these people have thought of every little detail for their guests. From an upgraded room because they knew it was our anniversary to a personalized note with my name on it hand delivered with fresh cold fruit for us to enjoy. These little things are the reason why I stay at the Marriott. What little things are you doing to make a BIG difference for your customers? Trust me, they count and keep them coming back for more! Ryan Avery at the JW Marriott

5) People don’t pay for the product, they pay for what the product gives them: Since I have been here, I have paid $3 and $20 for Chicken Pad Thai. Both delicious with each being surrounded by different atmospheres. One I got at a street vendor and the other I got at the JW Marriott. As I noticed people lining up for both the $3 street option and the $20 sit-down option, I realized people weren’t paying for the taste, they were paying for the experience. I felt like a million dollars eating the $20 Pad Thai and a local eating the $3 option. Both are great but what experience do you offer with your product? What do you want to be, the $3 option or the $20 price point?
travel phucket thailand pad thai

Take time this weekend to think about these tips and traits. Discover what you are doing to grow as a leader and entrepreneur. I hope you are enjoying your day! As much fun as I have had here in Thailand, I am looking forward to coming back home. As always…

Dream BIG,

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Ryan and Chelsea Avery

Chelsea’s Quotes – Volume I

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I have had several people come up to me after my speeches and ask if I was going to post “Chelsea Quotes” again?

For those of you who followed us on our 50-City North American tour, every week I  posted quotes from Chelsea (my wife) while being on the road. Some made you think, most were strange and a lot of them made me laugh and I hope they made you do the same.

I wanted to bring it back because lately she has been full of good, motivational and funny quotes so every now and again I will post some of Chelsea’s best quotes. Oh, how much fun it is to work with you spouse!

“Babe you can’t leave these windows open at night. What if someone crawls up here and murders us?”

* in relation to us living on the 5th floor in one of the safest cities in America and her actually being serious

“Well, you shouldn’t have married such a funny wife.”
* in relation to me asking her to stop making me laugh while I was sick

“You should incorporate dance into your next keynote.”
* in relation to her being serious after watching this video

“Do it, or I will pour honey on your knees.”
* in relation to me not wanting to take a shower

“Guys with gold pinky rings… realllllllly freak me out!”
* in relation to…I 100% agree

“My PMS is really intense today so I am going to need you to tread lightly which means I need you to go away.”
* in relation to me just standing there

“I’d watch Jurassic Park.”
* in relation to the first thing she said when we woke up

“Do you know where a donut shop is around here?”
* in relation to her asking a stranger this question while she had a huge cookie in her hand and the stranger for sure judged us!

“Um, what is more American than a cinnamon roll?”
* in relation to… EVERYTHING!!!

This is my life. I am so thankful Chelsea is my wife because everyday she makes me laugh, pushes me to be better and I know I won’t ever have a boring day as long as I am with her. Take some time to write down some of the quotes you hear this week, they are fun to look back on and can be a great way to reflect on memories.

Take time to tell those who matter most to you, that you love them and are thankful they are in your life!

As always…

Dream BIG,

Question: What was your favorite quote from Chelsea this time and do you want me to continue to do articles like this every now and again?