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Ryan Avery - Virtual Speaker

How to Get Ready for A Virtual Meeting

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I have 17 virtual keynotes this month and more than a dozen coaching sessions.
I had one client ask me how I get ready and prepare for all my virtual meetings and thought I would share it with all of us this week.

We use the acronym C.L.A.P. to get ready for our virtual meetings:
CONTENT – Do I have the content I need in front of me for this specific meeting?
LIGHTING – Is my lighting what I want it to be?
AUDIO – Is my audio working correctly?
POSITION – What is the angle of my camera and does my background represent me personally and professionally?

This allows us to stay ready, present ourselves that best represents us and our company, and allows us to connect with those we are speaking to online. Remember, “How we are perceived, dictates what we receive!”

Make sure to use C.L.A.P. for your next virtual meeting this week and see how you feel different online.
For those who want it, here is the infographic you can share with your team.
Have the best week and remember to always be THE!