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Find the Kind with Ryan Avery

Why Don’t You Find the Kind?

By Motivation 2 Comments

It has almost been a month since we completed 31 Days of Kindness, and I have to say the benefits have still been hitting me.

In the past week I have seen more people doing kind things for others than I have ever seen, before. I’ll share three examples of what I have personally encountered:

Man with the mango pancake: Chelsea and I are standing in line to get a street car pancake. I say aloud, “I cannot decide if I want the Mango Madness or the Nutella banana one!” The guy in front of me turns around as he receives his Mango Madness, cuts off a bite of his and says, “Here, try it. It is too much food for me, anyway.” It was delicious, but too rich in taste; he helped me pick the Nutella option!

Girl with the sunglasses: We are sitting on the beach in Thailand, and vendors are walking by trying to sell us everything from fresh almonds to sun tanning oil. One vendor– who is selling sunglasses–unknowingly drops a pair in front of a group of kids and keeps walking. Instead of keeping the glasses, one of the girls picks it up and runs after the peddler to return the glasses. They share a smile and continue on their respective ways.

Runner with the blind man walking: A blind man is walking. You can tell he is lost as he is running into a wall. A runner sees the man from a distance and runs over to him. She asks the man, “Hi sir, where you going? I can help you get there if you want!”

I have witnessed several more acts of kindness this week. Whether you are looking for the kind–or the mean– you will find it!

Shift your mind into finding the kind and you will see how great people really are.

Pay attention this week to how many acts of kindness you see. Be surprised by how much good is happening all around you.

In return- you, too, will want to be more kind. That is how we change the world in which we live. As always…

Dream BIG,

Question: When was the last time you found someone doing something kind for others?