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Ryan and Chelsea Avery

Chelsea’s China Quotes

By Motivation 2 Comments

To keep the “quote” tradition alive I wanted to show you that Chelsea is the same in China as she is the United States! Here are 10 quotes from Chelsea during our trip across the Pacific!

“I got you a cookie… but then I ate it!”
* In relation to her walking 25 feet to get me a cookie but it looking “too good” on the long walk back to our table that she had to eat it!

“Here help me hide these!”
* In relation to her grabbing seven cookies at another event and asking me to put some in my bag so people didn’t notice how many she took!

(I think Chelsea may or may not have a cookie problem).

“You need to do something with your hair and face!”
* In relation to me about to go on stage to speak in front of 500 people

“You are a cow! Fine, I will try it!”
* Me putting butter on my 3rd croissant I ate for breakfast

“No! I watch too many crime shows and I would know how to cover it up!”
* In relation to me saying, “That would be so sad if you accidentally killed me!” 

“So… I got fries!”
* In relation to me asking what she got for breakfast

“Ok, I will stay awake for your presentation. I just got my second wind!”
* In relation to her being tired! Just curious… was there ever an option that she could sleep in the front row while I was speaking?

“Ahh, that kid kind of makes me want to have a kid…nope! Nope… never mind!”
* In relation to seeing this adorable little kid walk by us and as Chelsea said that, the boy sneezed on her

“They should test movies on me!”
* In relation to her watching a commercial and it making her cry

“I felt like I was just in a cologne ad!”
* In relation to being crammed in a tiny elevator with 10 Italian guys and a man’s hairy chest pressed up against Chelsea’s face while she stood in the middle

Remember to start your own quote book with your family, friends and loved ones. You can use those quotes in your speeches later and they make for good memories when you go back and read through them! Enjoy the start to your week and as always…

Dream BIG,

Chelsea Avery

Chelsea’s Quotes – Volume II

By Motivation 11 Comments

The tradition continues! Here are the top quotes from Chelsea these past few weeks with a giveaway at the end!

“I wish Sugar had thumbs so she could get me water!”
In relation to Sugar being our dog and that being the reason why she wish she had thumbs!

“OMG. It was one lick and it was adorable.”
In relation to me walking in our apartment and Chelsea was using my computer while Sugar was licking the screen more than once!

“I should have known that was calamari and not an onion ring!”
In relation to us being at a seafood restaurant and them bringing out appetizers and Chelsea’s not being happy that she tried the calamari.

“It’s because you are loud and have a girly voice!”
In relation to me saying, “I feel like a lot of people are looking at me right now.”

“I hope if you ever become a pop star you ask me to be in your music videos.”
In relation to her randomly saying this to me while we were taking a walk!

“I don’t know what is happening over there but it could make me cry!”
In relation to a family hugging at the airport and my wife being overly emotional! 

“I am really jealous your Aunt gets to spend time with your parents this weekend and be on the beach and eat your mom’s cooking and have your mom and dad pay for things!”
In relation to it being true that when we are with my parents they do spoil us with love, food and fun little surprises!

“You can just say goat cheese. No one will judge you.”
In relation to us being at a fancy restaurant and me not being able to pronounce chèrve.

“I just want everyone to know how good I am at lip syncing. I mean I even made my parents sit and watch me lip sync in the living room to Titanic-that’s how good I am!”
In relation to her being 100% serious!

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Dream BIG,