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How to Be Niche and Famous

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I recently had an interview with Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, whom I will be speaking on stage with at Lefford Fate’s Event next month. Craig told me, “If you want to make a difference and make money in this business, you have to learn how to be niche and famous. You do that by going after a small piece of the pie!”

I think some of us struggle with this, as sometimes we feel like we need to take on the entire pie at once! So, let’s start small and dream BIG!

Identify your pie and what slice of it you want to bite into, first.

Examples of popular pies could include:

1) Leadership
2) Public Speaking
3) Personal Development

Example of slices of that pie:

1) Leading teams, emerging leaders, or dealing with honesty
2) Storytelling, humor, or delivery
3) Mindset, time management, or confidence building

If thin slices become a pie, what are five ways you can go after that slice of pie and be niche and famous?

Listen to the questions people ask you: What questions do you get asked often? People are coming to you for this advice. Can these questions help you identify the piece of the pie in which you already might have an interest?

Let your products sell your other products: Too many people forget about letting their readers or audience know about the other resources they have. A blog can promote a book. A speech can promote a coaching session. A book can promote a CD set.

Know exactly to whom you are marketing: If you try to market to everyone, you will reach no one! Begin by picking one demographic. Can you identify the type of person who buys your product? Who buys Nike gear? Who shops at DSW? What group of people buys Rolexes? All great companies know their target market! Will others buy their products at times? Sure, but the bulk of their business is based off the ones they target!

Build your list: Without your email list you can’t become niche and famous. Start today by offering a way to have people sign up to receive your newsletter. Give them a free download that adds value to their life to make it more enticing for them to subscribe. Communicate with them on a regular basis.

Change your mindset from artist to marketer: Everyone is an artist. Few are marketers. The more you get your artwork out there, the more artwork you will sell. What are you doing to market your services and products so you can be identified as the amazing artist you already are? Just think of those talented friends of yours who have so much potential but who aren’t marketing their products and services correctly. They aren’t going anywhere. Don’t be that person! Be a marketer!

Go out there and take ownership of that thin slice of pie! Put a bunch of little slices together and over time what will you get?  As always…

Dream BIG,