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Ryan Avery

28 Things I Know For Sure at 28

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This week I celebrate my 28th birthday. Along the way I have experienced loss, joy, friendship, family, love, hate, disgust, accomplishment and gratitude.

I have loved and been loved. I have hurt and been hurt. I have spoken up when I should have and I have remained silent when I shouldn’t have! Inspired by my wife’s article, I thought I would share the 28 things I know for sure at 28:

You are the only one who is in control of how you feel.

Everyone has leadership potential but only a select few harness it.

The most powerful weapon on the planet is your voice and the most powerful ammo are your actions.

A marriage will work when you communicate often and remain intimate with your best friend.

Take a honeymoon every year. 

The bigger the dream, the bigger the reward! 

“Many people die at 25 but don’t get buried until they are 75.” – Ben Franklin

“If you are not having fun you are not doing it right.” – Jay Nodine

Do what you can while you can.

Friends come and go.

90% of the problems you have are 100% related to how well you communicate! 

Don’t let one thing, ruin the whole thing.

Success is a feeling, not a destination.

Success is not about looking good, it’s about doing good.

It’s very easy to learn, its very difficult to do.

Those who are really good at what they do, really care about what they do.

The only competition is you.

“It’s not about living forever, it’s about creating something that will.” – Chuck Palahniuk 

Who you were is not who you have to be.

How you practice is how you play.

Those who win will occasionally have epic fails, but those who never try are guaranteed to always lose!

You can’t make more money until you know how to manage the money you already have.

Live below your means.

Giving 10% of your income will help feed your soul.

I wish more people traveled.

Before anyone else is going to believe you, you have to believe you.

An awesome way to make your business successful, is to make your family successful first.

It’s the dreamers who take action that change our world.

At your age, what is one thing that you know for sure? Comment below and share this article with others if you agree with one of the above. Let’s learn from one another and see what advice we can get from others! Thanks for reading and as always…

Dream BIG,


Robin Sharma and Ryan Avery

START – Friday Quote Day

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Each Friday I will give you five quotes to get ready for the weekend.

Each week I will focus on one word.

Because this is the first week of many, I thought it would be appropriate for the first word of Friday Quote Day to be … “Start!!”

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” – John Dewey

“You just have to keep on doing what you do. It’s the lesson I get from my husband; he just says, Keep going. Start by starting.” – Meryl Streep

Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life. Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come.” – Greer Garson

“It’s impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don’t know where you’re starting from.” – Suze Orman

What is your favorite quote above? Do you have a quote you can add about starting? Share your comments below and share this article if you feel inspired! As always…

Dream BIG,


Make Things Happen With Ryan Avery

GIVEAWAY: What Are You Doing to Make Things Happen?

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I am excited to be launching my new website, This blog will focus on articles that enhance our life, improve our communication and identify what it takes for us to be more successful.

As many of you know, my tagline is “Dream BIG.” About five years ago I had someone say… “Yeah Ryan, we know you are a dreamer but what are you doing to make those big dreams come true?”

Ever since then I am reminded everyday that you can’t just dream, you have to act! You have to put the work in. You have to think BIG and start small but remember if we can’t dream it, there is no way we can achieve it!

So… “What are you doing to #MakeThingsHappen in your life?” 

What goals do you have? What dreams are you working towards? What are you doing today and everyday to make sure you are living the life you want?

Today’s GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment below before February 11th at 12pm PST and two lucky winners will receive a signed copy of my new DVD Push Past It! 

I am looking forward to continuing to provide content that will help us be stronger communicators, leaders and more successful. Leave your comment below, stick around and subscribe for more articles. Enjoy the start of your week and as always…

Dream BIG,

Ryan Avery