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One Awesome Way To Promote Your Book

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(DISCLAIMER: My editor gets back this weekend from vacation so if there are any typos I am deeply sorry.  I am out of the country and she is on vacation and I still wanted to show you the best way to promote your book.)

My latest book, Speaker Leader Champion, came out in April and I wanted to sell enough copies at first to hit #1 on Amazon. We accomplished that goal but I wanted to do more. The book teaches people how to use their voice to make a difference in their personal and professional life and how to deliver a winning speech or presentation.

Besides the book tour, the World Record attempt, countless interviews and hundreds of emails I believe the best thing I did, and that had the biggest amount of engagement and long-term payoff, was this:

How to Promote Your Book with Ryan Avery

Screenshot from the backend of my YouTube channel where I uploaded almost 100 personal videos to promote the book!

Write down 100 people you know, who you believe the book will help, and create a personal video for them to say thank you for supporting you throughout the years you have known them, what the book is about and how they can help promote it. 

In fact, you could do this with anything you are selling and believe in! Today, people want that personal touch! How are you giving it to them?

I had a 95% response rate to those videos and in turn each helped me promote it, they shared it with their friends on social media and eventually helped us make Speaker Leader Champion a successful book launch. Did it take me a long time! Yes! Was it tiring and complicated at first! Of course! But was it worth it? Absolutely!

I am still hard at work looking for new ways to promote Speaker Leader Champion and to get it in the hands of as many people as I can because I believe in this book. The strategies inside it empower people to use their voice and make a difference and to learn how they can advance in their career by developing their public speaking skills.

What are you doing to create and show a personal touch for your friends, family and followers who can benefit from your resources? Take time this weekend to plan how you can be more personal in your approach and see how you can make a difference and a dollar doing something you love! As always…

Dream BIG,

Five Days of Giveaways

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This week I am giving away five prizes for fun! Here is how you enter to win each day:

1)   Subscribe to the blog in the right hand corner of this page (if you are already subscribed, you are awesome, and you will be eligible to win, as well).


2)   Each day share and tag one of your favorite articles from on Facebook and/or Twitter. For every post you share and tag, your name will be entered in the daily drawing. So, simply by subscribing and sharing on Facebook and Twitter you can have a total of three chances to win, every day!

Here are nine articles to consider sharing:

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Subscribe to the blog, share an article and get entered to win one of FIVE awesome prizes:

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1)   Monday: $25 CASH

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5)   Friday: 30 minute private coaching call

Reminder: you must be a subscriber to this blog in order to be eligible to win, so be sure to subscribe, and then post an article on Facebook or Twitter. Be part of these five days of giveaways and make some money, get a copy of Speaker Leader Champion and/or a private coaching session!

I will post the winners in the comment section below everyday. I look forward to seeing who wins! As always…

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