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Go From A to THE with Verizon and Ryan Avery

(3) 15-minute keynotes to make the rest of 2020 the best of 2020!

FCC Services Evaluation

See what Ryan Avery’s audience said about one of his events like what we will accomplish with the team at Verizon. (View)

Printable Proposal

Download Ryan’s printable PDF of this proposal to share with others on your team.

2020 Series:
(3) 15-minute keynotes: $5,500 USD
2021 Series:
(12) 15-minute keynotes: $18,000 USD

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Emily Redinbaugh

Strategic Partnerships, Bellevue University

"I work with many speakers in my role, and never have I received such immediate and positive feedback from both clients and team members as I have for Ryan Avery. We are going through Ryan’s Program right now and let me tell you... our clients are asking if we can have him EVERY week of the year. In fact, one person wrote to me after an event saying “I think I could conquer anything if Ryan would give me a pep talk each day!” Ryan shares tangible strategies, funny stories and relatable and relevant points for all of us today! It is everything we need right now to stay motivated and excited about our work! Ryan Avery…highly recommended!”

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*photo of Ryan Avery and his team after riding 28 hours straight to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Cycling Class in History to raise money and awareness for

Ryan Avery’s Virtual Keynotes


Ryan Avery interviews at least three people who will be in the audience before the event. He works with you and your team to completely customize the message while using real-life personal and professional stories that relate to his audiences.


Ryan Avery provides tangible strategies audiences can use that day. His audiences are known for implementing his strategies right away and can be used in their personal and professional life. Ryan's goal is to add more value during his keynote than most will receive all year!


Ryan Avery's virtual keynote provides strategies and stories that you will call upon for years to come. His stories and strategies are easy to implement and easy to recall and allow you to accelerate your achievements in and out of work.