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The Power of Storytelling: Why More Leaders Need to Tell More Stories

Keynote Description: Stories are easy to remember, easy to share and people like them!  The Harvard Business Review has called storytelling a strategic tool with “irresistible power“. Why? Because leaders who use the power of storytelling understand people buy emotionally and justify intellectually. Stories allow your customers and followers to connect with you and your products, services and ideas on an emotional level. Learn how to take advantage of the power of storytelling and watch your business grow, your leadership skills strengthen and move people to take action!

Educational Objectives and/or Takeaways:

Objective 1: Discover how to share stories that captivate, inspire and motivate people to take action!

Objective 2: Uncover what the most successful leaders do to get their products, services and ideas in the hands of many!

Objective 3: Learn how to utilize the power of storytelling to boost your confidence, expand your influence and connect with multiple generations!

Ryan Avery, World Champion of Public Speaking
At age 25, Ryan became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history; competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries to claim the 2012 World Championship title for Toastmasters International. From Rhode Island to Russia, from Boston to the Bahamas, Ryan trains leaders around the world by headlining conferences, conducting private workshops, and speaking close to 100 times a year. Ryan is an award-winning speaker, best- selling author of the new book published by McGraw-Hill, Speaker Leader Champion: Succeed at Work Through The Power of Public Speaking and at age 22 Ryan won his first Emmy Award for producing Colorado State University’s first ever multimedia package. He currently lives in Portland, OR in the United States with his wife Chelsea.

Why This Keynote?
The Power of Storytelling: Why Leaders Need to Tell More Stories is proven to wow, educate, entertain and motivate your audience! Ryan is the proven and professional speaker you are looking for when you want a speaker to open your conference and get your leaders, teams and audience inspired! Ryan customizes all presentations to incorporate your company or organizations values, vision and mission while sharing original stories driven to provide tremendous business value!