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"Ryan Avery as your keynote speaker, will make your BIG event an absolute success, guaranteed!”

Ryan's Keynotes are known for showing his audiences how to:

Simplify the complicated and create quicker connection with customers

Demonstrate confidence and obliterate self-doubt


Strategically and professionally communicate with others


Excel like an entrepreneur and deliver like top leaders

Go From A to THE®: The Communication and Storytelling Strategies That Take You From Being A Leader to THE Leader in Your Industry.

Overview: Are you A leader or are you THE leader? Are you A sales consultant or are you THE sales consultant? Are you offering A product or THE product? Learn what differentiates A leader from THE leader and the strategies we need to know when switching from A to THE in our industry. It is no longer acceptable for you to go from good to “great” when you want to persuade others to take action and stand apart from your competition. Your competition is great. Their products are great. It is time to Go From A to THE® in your industry! Ryan Avery teaches the communication skills, strategies and insights the world’s best leaders and sellers use to get people to take action! After Ryan’s presentation, leaders leave knowing:

Objective 1: The major differences between what it means to be A vs. THE in your industry and how to make the switch

Objective 2: The communication strategies top leaders use to engage, motivate and get others to take action

Objective 3: The most powerful storytelling strategies leaders use to persuade and retain their customers

Outcome: Leaders and sales teams learn to sell and motivate others through the power of storytelling. They will develop communication and storytelling strategies to keep their audience and consumers engaged and ultimately… take action!

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Motivating Millennials™: How To Recognize, Recruit And Retain The Next Generation of Leaders

By 2020, more than 50% of your consumer and employee base will be people of the Millennial generation. Are you and your team skilled and ready to communicate in a way that keeps us motivated, engaged and excited about your product or company? Take the strategies from Ryan Avery’s best-seller, Motivating Millennials, to find out out to identify the next generation of leaders.

Let’s look into teaching leaders how to prosper in a fast-changing global economy and leave equipped knowing how to communicate in way that builds relationships, increases sales and empowers the next generation of employees and consumers! Get ready to learn what you need to succeed when motivating the next generation to buy, share or commit to your product service and ideas!

Objective 1: Understand the Millennial mindset and use it to your advantage when growing your business

Objective 2: Discover simple, yet often overlooked communication strategies that captivate, inspire and motivate Millennials to take action

Objective 3: Uncover how members of the Millennial generation can be your top marketing allies and what the most successful leaders do to get their products, services and ideas in the hands of many, especially Millennials

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Selling Through Storytelling: Create connection, achieve retention and establish credibility with today’s consumer! 

Overview: Simon Sinek says the one thing you need to be a leader is followers! Well, no one will follow you, or buy from you, if you don’t know how to motivate, inspire and convince them by using the power of your words and actions! When you are an amazing speaker you become an amazing leader. If you plan to be an average speaker you will unfortunately have limited leadership abilities and your sales will suffer.  When you become a better speaker, you become a stronger sales person because authentic speakers know their audience, stand with confidence and share their failures. Speakers offer solutions, speak up when it is difficult and they know how to pick the right time and right place to deliver their message for maximum impact! Speakers know how to motivate, inspire and get people to take action! Learn what it takes to develop your storytelling skills and watch your leadership abilities flourish and your sales skyrocket!

Objective 1: Learn what most sales people do when presenting that costs them the win and how to avoid it

Objective 2: Substantially understand and gain insight into what it takes to captivate and motivate your customer to take action

Objective 3: Walk away learning how to engage and communicate to diverse audiences and multiple generations

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Testimonials From Ryan's Keynotes

“When you are looking to invest in communication and leadership training for your team, Ryan Avery is the highest return on investment you can get. Ryan provides tangible strategies that can be used instantly to increase confidence and create connection with those you serve. I still have my staff coming up to me telling me how they used a Ryan Avery strategy during their latest call or meeting and how much it helped them! Ryan over-delivers and brings it every time, that is why we’ll absolutely be using him for future events.”

Michael Fraser, PhDExecutive Director Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

“I invited Ryan to deliver the keynote at our leadership team and cabinet meeting. We all walked away with significant strategies we can use to do our jobs better and serve our community at a higher level! Ryan resonates, Ryan connects, and more importantly, Ryan leaves everyone in the audience with tangible strategies and sustainable motivation they
can use to be their best!”

John W. HickenlooperGovernor of Colorado

“I hired Ryan to keynote our annual sales summit and man did he deliver! Our sales teams loved his high energy, and real world strategies! Ryan got a standing ovation from my sales team, and they told me what a great job I did picking him! Ryan is the keynote speaker you want at your conference because he adds value, ties his keynote to your audience, and is incredibly easy to work with!”

Scott GordonPresident & CEO, Open Mortgage, LLC

“Ryan is a true pro and was exceptionally prepared. He has an amazing presence and inspired a tough crowd to action. Our members have already created two Ryan Avery roundtables since this session… I have not seen a reaction like this from our membership in years. And easily one of the highest speaker scores this year. Can’t wait to have you back to EO New York!”

Jon TotaLearning Chair, EO New York

“Wow and wow! We hired Ryan to keynote our annual Baird & Warner conference, and also do a special session with our top broker associates. We were all absolutely blown away! He is the easiest speaker to work with in the business and offers so much value that I still have my team coming up to me thanking me for bringing Ryan out! It was the first conference I have attended where I looked around the room during his keynote and no one was looking at their phones, they were all listening to Ryan and taking notes because they didn’t want to miss one thing! Ryan is amazing, engaging and truly cares about making sure he delivers THE best keynote for your conference! He did for us, and we can’t wait to work with him again!”

Laura Ellis President, Residential Sales Baird & Warner
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