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Go From A to THE® with Ryan Avery

June 20, 2023  –  1:00pm EST  – 60 Minutes  – Virtual

This is event is brought to you by Agricultural Speakers Network exclusivity for their top 100 clients. This event is to give you tangible strategies we can use to be more efficient with our communication, more motivating with our teams and continue being THE in our industry! 

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The Event

Go From A Leader to THE Leader
with Ryan Avery

Today’s world is competitive, innovative, and seriously fast-paced. When we are focused about growing our business, it is no longer acceptable to offer A product, A solution or even be A Leader. Today’s consumers, employees and followers want THE product, THE solution and THE leader to follow. When we want to eliminate our competition, set record sales, motivate others to action and produce solutions that actually matter, it’s time to go from A to THE®.

Based on continuous research, world-wide interviews with global thought leaders and over a decade of professional experience that has roller coaster highs and lows, Ryan Avery shares tangible tools that are proven to work in stressful times in this interactive virtual session!

Outcomes From The Event…

  • Learn top communication strategies we can implement instantly that get people excited and more productive
  • Find out the best leadership tips to use today to engage, communicate and motivate teams to action
  • Understand what most leaders are doing wrong today and how to make the switch to increase sales, retention and satisfaction

Ryan Avery, The Keynote Speaker

Ryan is a seven-time world record holder, two-time best selling author and at the age of 25 he won the World Championship of Public Speaking, competing against more than 30,000 people from 116 countries to become the world champion. For the last decade of his career, Ryan has dedicated his life discovering ways that differentiate people who are A versus people who are THE at what they do… and on June 20, 2023 thanks to Agricultural Speakers Network, will share stories and tangible strategies we all can use to be THE in our roles.

See what Ryan Avery’s audience say about his Keynotes in various industries:
Farming  //  Finance  // Distribution  // International  //  Transportation  // Real Estate  //  Recruiting  // Agriculture

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The $500 individual registration fee is paid for by Agricultural Speaker’s Network to say thank you for being one of our top 100 clients. 

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Ryan Avery’s Keynotes


Ryan works with you and your team to completely customize the message while using real-life personal and professional stories that relate to his audiences.


Ryan provides tangible strategies you can use that day. You will get more value out of Ryan's one hour virtual events than most people receive all year!


Ryan's virtual keynote provides strategies and stories that you will call upon for years to come. They are easy to implement and easy to recall and allow you to accelerate your achievements in and out of work.