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Ryan Avery Antarctica World Record
Ryan Avery Kissing Chelsea

I never understood why one would want to simply do something when we have the potential to be the best at something. Please always go after your BIG dreams because the world needs more dreamers who take action! With the help of so many amazing people, here are a few of my favorite professional dreams we have been able to make happen and accomplish together:

World Championship of Public Speaking
Emmy Award Winner
Interviewing my favorites like Simon Sinek, Jane Goodall, and Chris Guillebeau
The creation of 31 Days of Kindness
Rookie Speaker of the Year for Vistage International
The 50-City North American Tour
The creation of The Map to Dreaming BIG
Professionally speaking full-time (around 100 keynotes & trainings a year)
World record for professionally speaking on all seven continents
Writing my first #1 best seller
Completing my first IRONMAN 140.6
Implementing the handwriting campaign

Here are others I am working on and would love help with:

First Author to Do a Book Signing in Space: Know someone who is capable of putting me in contact with someone who can get me into space? A contact at NASA? Richard Branson? Ellon Musk?  I have 12 world records I would like to set in space and need one contact who can help make this happen.
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Write and Appear in the First Motivational Comedy Special on Netflix: I need the contact at Netflix. As you know, Netflix has created powerful documentaries as well as amazingly funny comedy specials. I want to produce and combine motivational content with entertaining comedy to create something that makes people laugh and walkaway knowing how to improve their life!
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Get Ellen to Help with 31 Days of Kindness: We have been doing #31DaysofKindness now for 3 consecutive years. Each year it gets bigger, better and bolder! We need one champion like Ellen to help us spread it across the country and more acts of kindness happening in the month of August. Know someone who can put me in touch with Ellen or her people?
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Interview my Top Twenty: If you know anyone on this list or know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can put me in contact with one of these people, please let me know! These people are the “THE” in their industry and I want to share their message with my followers. They are leaders I respect. I have taken time to create intentional and valuable questions to ask them and share with you: David Blaine, Amy Schumer, Nicki Minaj, Warren Buffet, Oprah, Michael Phelps, Bo Burnham, Tony Robbins, Michelle Obama, Stephen Hawking, Tom Hanks, Seth Godin, Lady Gaga, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill Clinton, Matt Lauer, Malala, The Dali Lama, Thich Nhat Hann and Anderson Cooper.
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Be the World Record Holder for The Most World Records: I love breaking world records! I have always loved them since I can remember. My first attempt was the biggest collection of coke tabs (my friend and I collected over 5,000). World Records bring people together, they push the limits and remind us what is possible when we put our talent, resources, money and hands together! Whether it is the biggest, longest, most, fastest, shortest, tallest… I want to help make it happen! I need 252 more World Records to have this world record so reach out!
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Become the Number One Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine: I need one contact at the magazine. I have written, submitted, called and almost begged with no avail! I specifically want Entrepreneur Magazine as this is the group I can add the most value to.
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Deliver Our TED Talk: My wife and I have the idea for our TED talk we would like to deliver on Millennial Marriages. What marriage means to us as Millennials, what it looks like for Millennials and how Millennials getting married effects the world moving forward. If you know a TEDx coordinator, please let us know as we believe this is an idea worth spreading.
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Speak at SXSW: For years I have tried to speak at this event! Anyone who has the contact who can help me speak at SXSW to talk about going from A to THE in your industryI would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
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Coordinating and Accomplishing the Largest Book Signing in History: As many of you know, we tried this World Record in 2014. We were not able to accomplish it that time and we learned from our mistakes and know how to make it happen this next time. We will need an audience of 10,000 and yes, I will train, practice and take time to sign all 10,000 books consecutively in 15 hours! I need one event. I need one contact to help make it happen and I can share my plan on how we can break the world record while making a BIG impact!
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Delivering a Keynote in Spanish: This is something I am currently working on. I need more practice. If you speak Spanish and see me –  talk to me in Spanish! I need all the practice I can get! Once I get to fluency and you have the professional audience who speaks Spanish, please let me know.

Developing the #1 Subscribed to Motivational YouTube Channel: If you like to learn through videos and want to stay in touch with me, videos are the best way. I post every week and you can subscribe here. I commit to making sure every video I post has value that will make you think or make you learn.

In addition, I am happy to share with you my personal dreams (the most important one is being married to my amazing wife Chelsea and creating/raising our daughter Atlas together). I share my personal life goals with individuals through my letter campaign. For those interested in receiving a hand written letter click here to learn more!

Thank you and I hope to hear from you and work together to inspire others to take action on their BIG dreams!
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