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Gregory Poole & Ryan Avery

Online Training: Go From A Leader to THE Leader

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See what attendees say about completing Ryan Avery’s Go From A to THE Leadership course: MHEDA and FCCS

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Option One: $800 per person without facilitation (minimum of 10 team members)
Option Two: $1,200 per person with weekly facilitation from Ryan Avery (minimum of 20 team members)

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Ryan Avery

Steve Smith

Vice President of Sales, ProLift Toyota Material Handling

"ProLift was fortunate to have several key managers participate in the MHEDA sponsored training Go From A to THEĀ® with Ryan Avery. Although they completed the course several weeks ago, it is still paying dividends. I have witnessed multiple times our managers who have shared, referenced and implemented the learning from Ryan's course."

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*photo of Ryan Avery and his team after riding 28 hours straight to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Cycling Class in History

Ryan Avery’s Go From A Leader to THE Leader
8-Week Online Course


Team members at Gregory Poole will learn how to gain confidence and demonstrate that confidence so you can increase sales, persuade when you present and WOW any audience. When we know how to properly demonstrate the confidence we have, we have more, sell more and can motivate the masses!


In this section, the Gregory Poole team will learn how to stop convincing people why they should buy from, follow or even listen to you because you will learn how to connect with them. This shift in communication creates unbreakable relationships that produce outrageous value.


This section teaches leaders at Gregory Poole how to simplify your message so your presentations, pitches and even emails evoke motivation to buy from you. On top of this, clearly identifying your message allows others to accurately share what you do, therefore becoming your best marketing allies.