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Motivational Speaker - Ryan Avery
During an event, The Chair and/or the Meeting Planner is usually the first to wake up, the last to go to bed and the go-to person when something goes wrong! You are tasked to put on an educational, entertaining and uplifting event that was better than the one you did last year! When hiring speakers, your job is on the line and I am here to make sure you look good!

My job is to make your’s easier and as your next speaker I promise to:

1) Deliver authentic stories and strategies audience members can immediately use to improve their personal or professional life

2) Text or call you when I land and when I get to the hotel

3) Have quality content that can be flexible in case you need me to add or cut my talk to get your meeting/event back on schedule

4) Give my all while I am on and off stage and be one of the best speakers you have ever worked with at an event

5) Be on time, genuine and full of energy

6) Build a relationship with you and treat you like a friend

7) Provide you with a professional, personal and profound interactive training or keynote

Let me help make your event a HUGE success, add value to all and be the speaker and trainer who is unique in his storytelling, proven in his abilities and trained in solving communication problems through the power of storytelling. Let me help by being the speaker you can rely on, who others have trusted to speak at their events on every continent in the world and who will over-deliver and work to make your event the best one yet! Email me at to start the conversation or view my trainings and formats to see what programs I offer.