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I consider everything I do a training because you and your team will be trained in learning and using the skills and knowledge needed to improve your communication abilities so you can elevate your leadership capabilities.

Companies and organizations hire me to train their teams in a variety of formats including half-day and full-day trainings, one-hour keynotes, individual and group coaching, company-wide consulting and my communication audits.

How I work: I train. You pick the format. Together we add value. My promise to you, and all those I work with, is this: If you don’t see value added to yourself and/or your team within the first week after one of my trainings I will reimburse you 100% of your original investment. I haven’t sent a check back to one of my clients yet! 

How I think: I am not interested in delivering a keynote for your conference. I am interested in delivering the best keynote your conferences has ever had. I don’t care about doing a training for your company. I care about providing the best training any of your employees have attended. When coaching, I am not interested in you feeling motivated, I am interested in holding you accountable to take action.

How I get paid: The investment for one of my trainings depends on three deliverables: The format, the value and the time. You can view my schedule to see if I am already in your city or you can click here to start the conversation and ask me any question about my trainings, availability or fee structures.

It is my strongest belief that your communication abilities determine your leadership capabilities. I am on a mission to continue providing communication trainings to leader and their teams so they can  accelerate their accomplishments. I look forward to hearing from you, learning how we can work together and what format works best for you! As always…

Dream BIG,
Ryan Avery