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Here are what some leaders say about my trainings. Planning an event? Start the conversation and let’s see how we can work together to add value and make it your best event yet! 

“Incredible value in the first few minutes! You did the research we all wish we could do if we had the time. You answered the questions we have all asked-thanks!” – Michelle Green, Merrill Lynch

“I hired Ryan after being part of a morning education session to help create an effective narrative for a new Company Division I was soon to launch. Ryan’s pre-work, including interviewing my sales staff, helped me effectively launch my new division with success, and also increased sales in my existing 5 divisions. The value I received from Ryan far exceeded my expectations both on a personal and professional level. Hiring Ryan was money well spent with a quick return on my investment. He’s the best money I’ve spent on consultant help in years!” – Bruce Brady, Mellano Direct 

“Ryan goes far beyond what you pay for, packing so much value into a visit that you will want to immediately ask him back, and recommend him for additional talks.  We did both, and can’t wait for his return.” – Greg Luft, Colorado State University

“I have been to a lot of trainings and seminars and this was the best. I got a lot of concrete, usable tips to make my speaking better.” – Mary Mattran, Intel

“Ryan Avery was recommended to me and 10 minutes into our first conversation I knew he was the right choice. I initially hired for Ryan for assistance in public speaking but his coaching became so much more.  He is wise beyond his years and his approach to helping me solve problems, create strategies and build my story was exactly what I needed to reach the next level.  In less than a year of working with Ryan I left my full time job, launched my own company, developed a signature presentation, hosted multiple workshops across Chicago, and delivered a keynote speech. I’d recommend Ryan to CEO’s, executives and driven business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level by improving their presence both inside and outside the company.”  – Megan Wessels, Powerful Partners, Inc.

“Working with Ryan turned out for me to be an experience far beyond my expectations. The thing I appreciated most about working with Ryan was that he was extremely invested in my learning success. He wasn’t just there to take my money and impart a few tips of wisdom. I say this from the experience of having hired multiple presentation coaches in past years (who I paid a lot more money to), and walked away with far less value. If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t just have the right personality required for coaching, but is also very skilled at what they do and can teach that to you effectively, then look no further than Ryan Avery. I honestly can’t say enough about the positive experience I had with him over many weeks of coaching sessions. He’s fantastic!” – Sylvia Balfour, Professional Speaker

“With Ryan’s skillful coaching and razor-sharp insight, I’ve now shaped my message, sculpted my first keynote, and booked my first solo speaking event! Hiring Ryan was one of the wisest choices I’ve made in my development as a speaker. What I appreciated most about Ryan was his high reliability, energetic personality, and his incisive advice – the kind you can only get from the World Champion of Public Speaking!” – Curtis Yungen, Boeing 

“I was fortunate to learn early in my career that communication is one of the most critical skills a leader can possess. But getting better with experience only got me so far. It wasn’t until I started working with Ryan that I was able to systematically become more effective – not just as a public speaker, but a communicator in general. What I have learned from Ryan, I will take with me for life.” – Jimmy Douglas, Smarsh

“Prepare to be amazed. Working with Ryan is a remarkable opportunity and experience. He has a unique ability to motivate and inspire. He offers practical advice. He is a world champion for a reason. Even greater than his technical skills, which are second to none, is his compassion and genuine care for the individuals with whom he works. Ryan is invested in the goals of his clients. He is exceptionally well organized and professional. He goes above and beyond every time — no exceptions. He has the ability to draw out the best in his clients. He also has the rare gift of knowing how to teach and share his knowledge with others. Leaders, speakers and anyone else looking to improve their skills will benefit from working with Ryan. You will not be disappointed.” – James Goodnow, Fennemore Craig

“Prior to listening to Ryan, I was nervous and did not have confidence in myself. After Ryan’s presentation, I feel confident in my goals and growth!” – Ta’Keira Atkins, National Nuclear Security Administration

“I was so inspired by your speech. I am an extremely organized person so your speech outline was valuable to me.” – Tiffany Frederick, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

“I loved the fact that you focused on the hidden aspects of speech that make’s it strike a chord with the audience. Also, the two hours watching you filled me with inspiration and left me with messages that will help me become an impactful person. I feel honored to have met you.” – Shahab Ahmed, Shell

“Ryan, the level of participation, and enthusiasm you got out of our employees was amazing! They are never that involved. How did you do that? You did a great job grabbing everyone’s attention and holding it through the different phases of the workshop. What I really liked was that you tailored your presentation to the needs of each employee, and let them individually guide where your presentation was but lead the dialogue with such finesse that it felt more like a round table discussion. We all left with something we can use to improve our personal and professional life. We would see more results and more efficiency in the work place if more people knew your communication commandments. Thank you for being here today and we can’t wait to have you back to help us all grow even more.” Jesse Cathey, Bank of America

“Ryan, when you gave your workshop for the National Speakers Association of Oregon Speakers Academy, you had all of our seasoned as well as our new speakers simply riveted. We admire your passion, your discipline and your great humor in sharing the mechanics of winning speeches and speaking.  – Jan Carothers, National Speakers Association of Oregon

“I introduced myself to Ryan and not even one minute later I had a strategy I can and will use to move forward in my speaking career. Thank you Ryan.” – Jeff Young, Alternative Events

“Ryan’s unique combination of subject matter expertise and excellent presentation skills creates an environment in which you lose track of the line between education and entertainment” – Joshua Kanter, Caesars Entertainment

“Wow, what an exceptional person! I learned so much from his seminar-very inspirational!! The biggest impact Ryan had on me was to be yourself! Loved this the best. And afterwards, he was very generous with his time to take pictures with the audience!” -Martha Lahey, State of California

“First off I have an ADD issue. I walk in and always go to the front row because I already know that I will be distracted and get bored when it’s not relevant and drift off. 2 hours went past and I stayed engaged and focused for 99% of the presentation! Secondly, I will use some of these key points to parent my children! Thank you for helping us parent with a new outlook on their fate and where they are going. We will help them accomplish their Plan A!” – Zenaida Vasquez, Trinity Fellowship

“Ryan definitely has crafted a great teaching method out of his real life experience of winning the championship. His session not only included great advice for speaking but also for life.” – Shan Khan, Wells Fargo

“Great workshop packed with great information! Looking forward to using all of the tricks!” – Megan Herne, Panera Bread/Howley Bread Group

“Ryan brought a spark of inspiration back into life after being in a major job searching slump. Thanks for reminding me to push past it!” – Audrey Johnston, Whole Foods Market

“Ryan’s workshops delivers value in a couple of ways: it is a personal, reflective experience and suitable for people of all ages, backgrounds and professional interests. And bonus: he’s funny!” – Erin Duck, Student at University of South Carolina

“The advice received will help me prepare my messages to ensure I captivate my audience and develop my public speaking skills. Thank you!” -Kim Wilson, Kraft Foods

“Excellent presentation; entertaining yet 100% meaty! His illustrations and examples were easily understandable and application to any type of speaking and communication.” -Nancy York, Instructor at Kirkwood Community College

“His ability to engage the audience with humor, honesty and passion changes everyone who is lucky enough to witness it. Thank you for teaching me so much about, simply, what it means to be human.” – Nadine Miller, Goodwill Industries

“Thank you. Thank you! Thank you for triggering our minds.” – Diego Ramirez, Carnival Cruise Lines

“In just two hours Ryan puts on a masterful clinic on how to instantly raise the bar for anyone’s speeches. Ryan’s simple formula is intuitive and powerful. Ryan presented the best two hour session I’ve been to in years! Thank you so much for sharing.” – Tad Davis, Attorney

“A truly unforgettable experience! What an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing and remarkable workshop. Ryan’s dynamic, infectious and relatable style had me hanging on his every word. In two short hours I already feel so empowered to want to learn, grow and catapult my speaking abilities into a whole new dimension!” – Jennifer DiMattia, Beeline, Sales Engineer

“Ryan is motivational and “in” with today’s culture. He brings a good message to a new generation of speakers and leaders. I look forward to seeing more great things from Ryan!” – Lucas Lopez, Clearly Water, Ltd.

“Ryan is worth the two hour drive! My ministry will improve with what I learned from him.” – Christian Taton, Tucson Electric Power

“Ryan provided great tools on how to become a better speaker. A great workshop with practical applications to achieve success in public speaking and life in general!” – Gregory Davies, City of Scottsdale

“Wow! I was impressed. I am so glad I came to hear Ryan speak. I am incorporating all of the things I learned in my future speeches to bring out my inner champion!” – Alicia Bowen, American Traffic Solutions

“Ryan, this was an extraordinary experience I will value for a lifetime.” – David J. Hanes, Geiger Brand Architect

“Ryan was oh-so-inspirational! I could see myself in a new light and realized how I was holding myself back.” – Monte Jefson, Process Designer

“Ryan’s message illustrates what he teaches.” – Kevin Wilson, Clouis Media Inc

“I think it says A LOT that you are reaching out to younger (my) generations. We have become constricted to technology and lose our voice to a few letters on a screen. You and your wife have a radiance and light that spreads on its own. I am 23 and have only a “Plan A” as of today because of your message. Thank you!” – Becky Heinen, Pantex

“Amazing presentation! I learned a lot regarding presentation style, formulas, and tips! Definitely a fan of Ryan Avery.” – William Faaumu, Enterprise Holdings

“At first I was hesitant but Ryan grew on me! The minute he said “I am a feminine man” I joined team Ryan Avery. Very animated, engaging and a generational genius on public speaking! Definitely a great speaker. I also wished a lot of my friends and family were here to tonight because more people need to hear him!” – Alex Stedman, Texas Tech University Student

“Wow! What a dynamic, interesting presentation! I would recommend Ryan’s presentation to anyone who would like to be a better communicator-at any stage you may be in with your life.” – Rebecca Fischer, Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Ryan has a great way of presenting something that seems so difficult but making it applicable and engaging. I definitely will be able to use these skills in my daily practice, research presentations and briefings. Thank you Ryan and Chelsea for a great workshop!” – Danielle Anderson, United States Air Force

“Excellent content and great delivery. Pertinent and relevant for anyone that needs to communicate and be heard.” – Robert Vendryes, IBM

“As a 23 year old, after watching and listening to you I have become more hopeful not only for myself but for our entire generation. Thank you. It was enjoyable and I certainly learned a ton.” – Rachel Disselkamp, Association of Workforce- Asset Management

“Tonight, I realized that Ryan Avery is not just the World Champion of Public Speaking. What matters more to me is that Ryan is someone with whom I can share the successes and failures of being human. What he is doing is teaching people how to share the human experience through public speaking.” – Alex Lachapelle, Student at Appalachian State University

“Your speech was full of power and gave me confidence in myself.” – Xu Wei, PhD student at UF

“What Ryan speaks about not only covers communication but it applies in life as well.” – Barry Dai, Catalyst Group-Business Development

“Some of the best things I learned tonight wasn’t how to be a better speaker but rather to believe in myself first and speak from the heart. I believe I will be the best teacher in the world because you taught me to believe in myself. Thank you!” – Celina Rodriguez, Salve Regina University Student

“I really enjoyed my time during Ryan’s workshop-I never realized that there is so much I didn’t know about public speaking! He was dynamic, entertaining and informative. I recommend this program to anyone, anywhere! He’s also very humble and not condescending.” -Nichole Frazier, Staples Advantage-Team Lead

“I learned that talent isn’t enough-study, preparation, and practice make the difference. The level of Ryan’s professionalism is impressive but most of all your heart for your message was touching. Ryan will make a huge difference in my growth as a speaker!” – Tina Howard, Business Analyst

“Ryan’s ability to connect with the audience is truly amazing. I was sorry when the time was up because WE wanted more!” – Larry Castleberry, Detroit Yoshinkan Aikido

“Ryan’s presentation was the best two hours I’ve spent learning something new this year!” – Mahesh Deshpande Dassault Systems, Director High Tech Consulting

“Ryan gave one of the most dynamic presentations I have ever heard! I recommend your hear him speak and buy his book!” – Kay Prest, Prest Productions

“This presentation was great and absolutely hilarious! Thank you so much, I am definitely using parts of this in my college essays!” – Siri Rallabhandi, High School Student

“Ryan did an amazing job in breaking a part the core elements of a powerful and impact speech in a way that everyone can understand then actually apply. I left the workshop feeling totally prepared to take the next steps to take my speaking to the next level.” – Patricia Tucker, The Hunger Project

“Ryan is an extremely motivational and inspirational speaker who speaks from the heart! He knows how to connect with people on a deep level.” – Carmen Carr, Boice O’Nea Realty

“Ryan is absolutely fantastic and made a strong impact on me. As a 24 year old, it is wonderful hearing someone in the quarter-life period of life who is ambitious and also wants for more young adults to find their confidence to deliver their message.” – Shannon Bradford, Beeline

“Ryan taught me how to focus. Everyone always talks about focusing on your why but Ryan was the only person that said it was okay to neglect unimportant things in your life to focus on the main one. I really related to him.” -Eduardo Lopez, Porter Novelli

“As a high school speech teacher for over 20 years, I believe Ryan has nailed the critical points of public speaking. No matter how old or how often a person speaks, he can learn from Ryan’s presentation.” – Jay A. Clason, Lt Colonel Retired, US Army

“Wow! Well done. So inspiration. You offered much more than I expected. Wonderful content that was very well delivered. Keep up the good work!” – Kerri Robinson, Biodesign Institute

“Tremendous presentation! All your tips and funny, inspiring stories are an overlay for living a successful life and reaching any goals. Very relatable for all. Wish I had brought my entire gang.” – Naomi Shoemake, TM

“Wonderful presentation, great content! You are inspiration and motivation. You may be the next Tony Robbins!” – Rebecca Taylor, Accountants Unlimited

“Ryan is brilliant. He takes some concepts of what you think you know and turns it around to make it successful. I came in from a long day, tired and wondering if I should have just gone home. I left feeling alive, hopeful and confident that I too could  make an impact on my audience after hearing Ryan’s advice!” – Vonni Robinson, TrueNorth

“Wow! Ryan delivers! I have attended a ton of seminars, workshops and presentations and I thought I’d heard it all but Ryan’s message and methodology clicked for me. This is the kind of advice I wish I had 10 years ago. These are the lessons I’ll still be using 10 years from now!” – Will A. McConnell, Bit Social Media

“What a treat! An inspiration and motivation speech wrapped up in lively dialogue, with hilarious humor and dipped in some of the most delicious gratitude for the people that inspire and motivate him!” – Ann Lenehan, Fry Consulting

“Mahalo so much for sharing your genius with me tonight! My biggest take away that has changed my thinking, which will change my life is to focus on my one passion! You are a gift to all of our world and a blessing to me!” – Devida Lewis, D&D Commercial Real Estate

“Tonight was a game-changer for me. I have been stuck in waiting for things to happen instead of ‘making them happen.’ Tonight, a new road has been laid with a trail map to make things happen. Ryan’s matrix of drive, passion, humor and authenticity are truly inspiring!” – Suzy Kuhlmn, Teacher at Soccsdale Preparatory Academy

“I will be 80 next May-Ryan has given me the inspiration to do the one thing I have always wanted to do-help young people make it in the real word. Thank you for today.” – Bill Truit

“As a 20 year old student and Intern, I didn’t believe my voice ever mattered. I ‘knew’ for a fact that my message wasn’t important. Thank you for not telling me otherwise’ thank you for showing me otherwise.” – Ashley Brumbaugh, Chatter Buzz Media

“1)   I love your hair and glasses…very relatable to the hip, college audience! 2)   I love your energy-it’s infectious like a beam of sunshine on stage! 3)   You unlocked for me some incredible points and techniques that I can use not only for my own speeches in public affairs but for my military leadership. Truly inspiring!” – Lara Bollinger, US Navy/ Public Affairs Officer

“I came to improve my public speaking skills and I am going home with numerous life changing thoughts.” – Helene Gagoud

“Ryan shares his heart and passion in a way that moves mountains.” -Larry Lewis, America Supports you-Texas President

“It’s fantastic to see a fellow member of this generation with the same hunger to change the world. There are few of us that feel that and actually understand the bridges that must be built to reach the masses.” – Savannah Gates, B&W Pantex, Engineer

“Thank you for reminding me to be me and that my voice matters.” – Phuong Huynh

“The presentation was awesome! I learned so much about being a better speaker and becoming more confident in myself. You even kept my attention for 2.5 hours-which is really impressive for someone my age!” – Leah David, Texas Tech Student

“This was so much more than just a presentation. Being yourself is key and so evident in Ryan’s speech. I don’t think I’ve ever sat through a 2 hour talk without getting bored/distracted once until tonight!” – Nicole Hragyil

“Ryan is a young, dynamic and passionate person who speaks from his heart. He certainly connected with mine. I learned so much by listening to him. I would recommend his program to everyone!” – Gaynor Bereza

“Ryan’s presentation was completely life changing. Many missing links provided plus the beautiful reinforcements. I loved every minute of his message. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Matthew Zinkus

“Energizing, engaging and educational. I learned so much in a short time!” – Kim Savage

“Ryan did a wonderful job. He walks the talks and talks the walk. The world needs more people like him to help many to awaken who they really are, to realize our true potentials and powers.” – Edin Sedic

“Listening to Ryan Avery made me stop making excuses and start finding my ‘why!’” -Barbara Beckley, Aon Risk

“What inspired me the most was the strength of Ryan and the power of his message carried by his words and attitude. He is genuinely interested in making a difference in people’s lives. Ryan explained aspects and strategies of speaking that I had never even fathomed before. As a competitive speaker and aspiring professional speaker, Ryan has given me the gift of direction and inspiration.” – Eric Schurr

“The workshop was professionally presented in a memorial way. Ryan engaged the audience and we were all able to takeaway our own messages. We were truly raised to a higher level with many secrets of the masters.” – Robert Harrington, Primerica/Septran

“Ryan’s enthusiasm is contagious! Listen to him and his experiences and you will be motivated to improve yourself.” – Sherry Jost

“Ryan’s presentation was full of action-oriented and tangible items one can put into practice, not abstract ideas or feel good sayings that take you only as far as the door.” – Marisol Kelly, Peaerson Education

“It was so great and inspiring to hear from someone my own age. I never realized how much I use my youth as an excuse for not doing great things. Thank you Ryan!” – Rebecca James, Abbott Laboratories

“Over the top amazing content. Ryan is generous in a way that is rare. The specifics of what he shares will change many lives. He gives people permission and the know-how to be free!” – Monica Moody, Love Works at Work