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We had a stop in Casablanca, Morocco for our Map to Dreaming BIG tour and we have learned a few things along the way! What has been one thing you have learned this week that others can benefit from?

Ryan Avery

Author Ryan Avery

Hi, my name is Ryan Avery! Every Sunday I share the "notes" I use to build my keynotes. They are personal stories and tangible strategies we can use to improve the way we communicate at work, at home and with ourselves.

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  • Wafae Owen says:


    I am originally from Morocco and go back to visit my relatives every other year. My mother and siblings live in Casablanca and my brother’s in-laws live in Marrakesh. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and you are right; Moroccans are very hospitable, value the community, and help as much as they can. What I learned from living in the United States is that the press enjoys freedom of expression without fear of retaliation, America is a land of opportunities, and Americans eat too much of fast food.

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