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What Should I Do Before I Graduate

2 Things Everyone Should Experience Before They Turn 22

By Motivation 4 Comments

I have been getting questions from college students so I thought I would share my opinion on what you should do before you graduate! For those of us over 22, we can share this with our friends, family and neighbors who are asking the question, “What should I do before I graduate?”

My hope for everyone under age 22 is that you get to experience these two things:

1) Travel to another country. Go and see that your way is not the right way; it is just the way that works well for you. The more we travel, the more we get to see how different–but how alike–we all really are. Don’t let the biased media tell you what to believe; feel, taste, smell, see, and hear the attractions rather than merely viewing them through an LCD screen. Travel to another country and see what else is out there. It will open your eyes and keep you curious, connected and grounded with other humans sharing our planet.

2) Do something that makes its own money: Taste what it feels like to make something or provide a service for which people will pay. Do something where you can prove to yourself that no matter what happens in your future you can always do something with your brain that can make you your own money. Who knows? Maybe you will find out you are meant to be an entrepreneur, or that you don’t like it at all! The point is to have a memory when times get tough, that if you made $1 you can make $1,000!

For those of you who are over aged 22: What else would you say is one of the most important things someone should do while they are age 21 or younger? As always…

Dream BIG,

P.S. If you are about to graduate, and reading this article… Congrats! Keep working hard and go after your dreams!