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I wish I would have started reading at an earlier age, but it is never too late! As we develop our leadership skills, we can learn from others who have put their wisdom into written words. Here are 10 books aspiring leaders in their 20s should read:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The Alchemist


Lean In

Letters from Leaders

Leaders Eat Last

Strengths Finder

The Five Love Languages

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

If you read and implement even three of these books while you are in your 20s you will be light-years ahead of your peers and one day soon be the leader running a Fortune 500 company, global non-profit, or creating the “next big thing” that will change our world! Happy reading and as always…

Dream BIG,

Ryan Avery

Author Ryan Avery

Hi, my name is Ryan Avery! Every Sunday I share the "notes" I use to build my keynotes. They are personal stories and tangible strategies we can use to improve the way we communicate at work, at home and with ourselves.

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  • John Lesko says:

    Many of the books you suggest would be an insightful read for folks at any age. But if I were to recommend another for the 20-something crowd, consider: George Leonards MASTERY … And (a hem) FACILITATING GENIUS by (well) yours truly … Leonard’s 5 keys to mastery is a classic. My book just came out a month ago but I did write it with the help of my two fully grown, twenty-something children. Both are texts that will help you more quickly solve life’s problems and enjoy extraordinary achievements.

  • Arash says:

    Hi Ryan, great list. I’ve covered half of those myself.

    I’d add to the list: The Startup of You – Reid Hoffman & Ben Casnocha

    Hope you’re well.
    Arash Narchi

  • Curtis Yungen says:

    Great post – have some of these books but ordered the rest that you listed!

  • LIbra Forde says:

    Aloha Ryan,
    Great List…thanks for the post. Passing this on to leaders in my organization.

  • Ryan Avery says:

    Thanks Libra! Glad you like the list! Looking forward to hearing your speech soon 🙂

  • Ruth Koepp says:

    Listened to your speeches when you spoke In Riverside, Ca at Districi 12 conference. Use your book and it has ideas that I find are newer than some from prior speakers writings. Thank you for the 10 Book list.

  • Ryan Avery says:

    Thanks so much Ruth, that really means a lot! I am glad to hear you are enjoying my book and can’t wait to be back in D12 soon! Keep dreaming BIG!

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