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Six Semi-Risky Ways to Land Your Dream Job

By Adventure 4 Comments

Most of the things on this list I have done myself. They have all worked for me in some capacity, especially the one regarding YouTube!

More competition exists now than ever before to get a job, let alone land your dream job. You need to take some risks, stand out, and show your future employer you can take the initiative. Here are six semi-risky ways to land your dream job:

Drive to their office. Sit and wait to talk to them in person. I have heard of leaders like Steve Jobs doing this and others! Demand to meet with them in person no matter how long it takes! I did this for a job once and waited for two hours until the manager came back. One week later I landed the job!

Make a YouTube video. Doing this got my foot in the door at Special Olympics and caught the CEO’s attention. I had little experience compared to the other candidates, but she saw it and liked it. They wanted someone in addition who was savvy with video and social media, so it played to my advantage. I have never shared this video publicly before, but if you want to see it, here it is!

Send them a handwritten letter. Handwritten letters in today’s hyper-communicated world are king! They get read and they create an emotional connection, thus providing an opportunity for you to stand out and shine. If you have poor handwriting, ask a friend to write a letter for you using your words.

Volunteer at one of their events Let them see your face! Show them you care by asking if they need help with anything from taking out the garbage to hanging up fliers in town. Anything you can do to show them you work hard, take initiative, and make things happen!

Ask to Intern. Go to a person in the office and ask if you can help them with the everyday tasks they don’t want to do. Offer to come in every other day, once a week, or as often as you can. Being seen at the office will get people wondering, “Who is the new guy/lady!” Consistency and familiarity will help you land your dream job!

Just start working. I read an article about this leader who wanted to work at Universal Studios; he just showed up and began asking what people needed help with, and if he could get anyone coffee. He did it for a week. Someone finally asked if he worked there and he said, “No, but I should would like to!” A few weeks later he was hired!

Take some risks. Your dream job is worth it! You already don’t have the job, so why not try! Regardless of what happens, you will have a good story, get your name out there, and possibly land yourself the career you have been wanting! As always…

Dream BIG,