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A Quick Reminder

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I have been moving at what feels like 1,000 miles per hour this past week while speaking in Australia for the first time!

We have had a blast while being here in D17; gambling, brothels, creating new friendships and more! (Photos and lessons learned along the way to come next week. Oh and yes, I said brothels)! 

I woke up feeling so stressed this morning as I had four talks to give today and I wanted to make sure I was ready for them all!

Having a mini-freak out, Chelsea reminds me to: Pause (breathe). Remind myself where I am (Australia). Remember time will pass (True).

This week: Pause. Remind yourself where you are. Remember time passes.

What I am upset about today is that although I feel like I did my best, I didn’t do the best job of being in the moment to enjoy it. I stressed about going from one speech to the next and now it is 10pm in Australia and my day is over. The speeches are over and I never get this day back.

I am in a new place, enjoying great conversations with awesome people and I’m with my wife! I love having days where I get to speak, teach and meet new people! So I (we) should enjoy every moment we get like this. Don’t you think?

A quick reminder for us all: Enjoy the moment. 

Can’t wait to share with you what else I have learned while being in Australia (great group of people these Aussies are)! Remember to keep taking advantage of today (enjoy the moment), plan for tomorrow and as always…

Dream BIG,

ryan avery giveaway 2014 christmas

GIVEAWAY: Merry Christmas Todayers

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I want to wish all the Todayers out there a Merry Christmas from the Averys! For those Todayers who don’t celebrate Christmas I hope your holiday season has been amazing and you enjoy spending time with your family and friends, eating way too many cookies and watching enough reruns of A Christmas Story to last all year!

December is a month of reflection and opportunity to give thanks for those we care about most! This week we are spending time with our entire family. We haven’t all been together since Chelsea and I married four years ago, so it really means a lot to us!

With that, I have decided to take a week off and spend it with my family! My next article will pick back up on December 29th and we have an awesome schedule or articles already planned for 2015!

As for the GIVEAWAY: I have wrapped a present I want to send to one of you! If you want it, all you have to do is write in the comments below what you are thankful for this year and why! One random winner will be selected by December 29th and the winner will be posted in the comment section. All I ask is if you are selected you are willing to share with the group what was in the box!

Soak up the time with your family and friends this week. I am looking forward to starting a new year with you in a few days! Merry Christmas, Happy Giveaway Day, and as always…

Dream BIG!