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Ryan Avery speech in Australia

12 Speeches in 12 Days with 12 Photos

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I got to speak 12 times in Australia for the first time and had a blast! Here are 12 photos with 12 reminders from my 12 days in the Outback!

Photo #1: Our first ever international speech together!
Note: Australia was the first part of our

Reminder: There is power in partnerships!

Ryan and Chlesea speaking in Australia

Photo #2: Dancing after a long day of work
Note: This photo is embarrassing but also makes me smile. One of the best parts of being a speaker is being able to meet the people and hang out with the people that you spoke to that day. The members of D17 were so welcoming, generous and kind that we had to dress up in their “Gold Rush” theme and join them on the dance floor!
Reminder: Dance your heart out every now and again!

Ryan Avery - The Averys Dancing
Photo #3: Having offices around the world

Note: One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is that you can work from anywhere around the world. We had the complete pleasure of having Bill and Debbie take us around the Swan Valley in Perth to show us wineries, breweries, coffee shops and more, all while I snuck in some emails and enjoyed the view!
Reminder: Sometimes you get more done when you are out of your traditional office.

Ryan Avery - The Averys Office

Photo #4: Meeting a fellow BIG dreamer
Note: This man is walking from Perth to Sydney (more than 5,000 KM) to raise awareness for heart disease! He had a BIG dream and decided to go after it. I love meeting people like this! The world needs more people to go after their BIG dreams!
Reminder: He literally embodies the saying, “A journey of 1,000 miles (or 5,000 KM) begins with a single step!”

Ryan Avery Dreaming BIG with others
Photo #5: Feeding kangaroos for the first time

Note: I have officially decided if any zoo around the world is looking for foster parents of a tamed kangaroo, we will be glad to take them! Now I understand the wild ones can be a bit of a pest but these kangaroos were born in captivity and were so freaking cute I almost put one in my pocket to take home!
Reminder: Take time to visit local attractions the next time you are in a different city.

Ryan Avery - The Avery's Feeding Kangaroos
Photo #6: Eating Kangaroos 

Note: Oh Australia! I just love how you eat your own national animal. Not only do you eat kangaroo, you feed the meat to your cats and dogs! 
Reminder: We say “Don’t mess with Texas” where I am from… but maybe we should start saying “Don’t mess with Australia!”

Ryan Avery - Kangaroo Meet
Photo #7: Missing our puppy 

Note: We have been gone for more than three weeks and we are really missing our puppy. Our friends who have been taking care of her while we are gone keep sending us photos (Thank you Allison and Alison) and this one melted my heart! 
Reminder: Treat your pets well.

Ryan Avery - Sugar Avery
Photo #8: Trying Vegemite 

Note: Not my favorite! I am not going to lie… I miss a good ole’ PB&J right about now!
Reminder: Try the local favorites at least once! It is part of the adventure!

Ryan Avery eating Vegemite
Photo #9: Dreaming BIG with C.Y. O’Connor

Note: We had our first successful webinar with the Map to Dreaming BIG team and were inspired by the story of C.Y. O’Connor. His ability to take an idea and make it real, even when others (most) doubted him is inspiring! 
Reminder: Go after your BIG dreams! The world needs you!

The Averys Dream BIG
Photo #10: Getting to feel like a rockstar 

Note: After I got done speaking at Technology Park, the meeting planner asked if I could sign one of the posters so they could frame it and hang it up in the office. I am not going to lie Emma… you made me feel like a rockstar and thank you for being an A+ event coordinator! 
Reminder: Enjoy the moments in life that make your heart beat fast and when your smile reaches your ears.

Ryan Avery - Signing the Poster
Photo #11: The SUPER PIT in Kalgoorlie 

Note: 220 stories below the ground this can be considered as the Grand Canyon of Australia; one of the largest gold mines in the world! Fascinating to see and learn more about and to understand the history of what made this town so great!
Reminder: You have to dig deep to find gold!

Ryan Avery - The SuperPit in Kalgoorlie
Photo #12: My first professional speech in Australia 

Note: Thank you so much Technology Park for inviting me to speak and work with your entrepreneurs and leaders. They had a 300+ audience fill the room. I got the opportunity to share with leaders the power of storytelling and what it can do for their business, teams and  families!
Reminder: When you work hard to do work you love, it doesn’t feel like work!

Ryan Avery in Perth
Remember to stop waiting for things to happen and make things happen! Thank you again to the members of D17 for making this a life-time memory and we can’t wait to be back in the Outback soon! As always…

Dream BIG,