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Ryan Avery and CSU

7 Things You Need To Break The World Record for The Largest Book Signing In History

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We are working to get ready for the World Record on April 16th.  Want to know what it takes to break the World Record for the Largest Book Signing in History? Here you go:

Ryan Avery book signing1) 100 Sharpies
Thanks to my uncle and his connection with Sharpie, they have supported this event and provided us with 100 red (branding matters) sharpies to sign more than 5,000 books in 11 hours.

2)  5,000 copies of your book on hand waiting to be sold and signed
Thanks to the CSU bookstore and McGraw-Hill Publishing, we have 5,000 books on hand waiting to be signed. I don’t think I have ever seen 5,000 of the same book before, it is a total of three pallets and more boxes than I can count!

3) Close to 100 volunteers
From Toastmasters International, Alpha Kappa Psi, NRHH and CSU support all the way from friends and family, several CSU clubs and the Fort Collins Lions Club, this event takes almost 100 volunteers to put together! Not to mention all the teams, departments and organizations who are helping spread the event through their channels!

4) A social media team
I call them “Team 34” because it sounds amazing and well… there are 34 of them. They have come together to help spread the message across social media, to their fans and following and have posted during the pre-event, have posts ready for the day of the event and will shout out once it is over! They are amazing and give legs to the social aspect of this World Record!

5) Marathon energy  
It will take more than 10 hours to sign continuously to break the record and create history with you. I will be smiling, standing, eating very little, talking, taking only 20 minutes worth of breaks and doing exercises so I don’t break my wrist! It will be a lot of energy, but worth it when we create history together!

6) Training schedule 
I have been practicing like I would for a marathon. I have been practicing smiling for hours at a time (even when I do my ab routine. Try smiling the entire time you do P90X abs!), signing my name thousands of times a day, standing for long periods of time and I even taught myself how to sign with my left hand. There is a major training schedule involved with this record because to get to 5,000 signatures without permanent damage, you need to be smart about it!

7) Most importantly…. 5,000 people!
We can’t do this record without you! If you have ever wanted to be part of history, we need 5,000 people to show up onsite or online on April 16th and be part of history! You can pre-register now and we will send you an email with the order link to purchase your book on that day! Help us create history and get your names in the record books! If you need three reasons why you should join us, click here! Or, if you are ready to be part of history, Register below:

This is what you need to break the World Record for the Largest Book Signing in History! Join us on Wednesday April 16th and as always…

Dream BIG,

P.S. Please share this article on your social media accounts or via email with your friends and family. Together we can do this! 

Simon_Sinek and Ryan_Avery

Interview with Simon Sinek

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This week I was able to interview one of my favorite “students of leadership” and authors, Simon Sinek.

I was offered this by my friend and podcast extraordinaire, Jared Easley! (Check out his podcast, he has interviewed the greats like Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, Guy Kawasaki and more!)

I recommend you listen to the entire interview because it is packed with insight, inspiration and information that will transform your life! Here are three takeaways you should consider for being a stronger speaker, leader and champion in your industry!

“One trait all successful leaders must have – courage. It’s not about charisma; it’s not about having a wonderful personality it’s about taking the risk before everyone else does.”
I felt like he was speaking right to me when he was sharing this. I am excited and at the same time nervous to

“To really be able to make a difference, you have to be able to devote your energy and yourself to one thing, not a lot of things!”
I agree with Simon on this 100%! In fact, I teach this in several of my workshops. It is not about doing a lot of little things good but rather doing one thing so well, over time, you become the best at it. Once you become the best at something, other doors open, your other passions can live and you become more satisfied with what you are giving the world! 

“Advice to young speakers and writers – don’t strive to be one, but be interested in sharing an IDEA, be interested in GIVING and not focusing on yourself!”
I have mixed feelings on this one but I agree with him about sharing an idea and being ready to give more to your readers, audience and listens than you take. Remember… “When you give more, you get more!” I think you can focus on being a speaker or writer but have in mind first how you will add value and change people’s lives with your voice!

He is on my top list of favorite speakers and authors and I cannot wait to meet him in person one day soon. Listen to the podcast to get the full interview and remember to always have courage, focus on one thing and give more than you take! As always…

Dream BIG,
Ryan Avery

P.S. What is some of the best leadership advice you have ever received?