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The Three-Question Humor Test

By Motivation 3 Comments

How do you know if your humor is appropriate for your audience? Here is “a test” through which I run all of my laugh lines and stories. If the answer to all three questions is “Yes”, then I have a stronger chance that people will laugh and not be offended!

Will two generations understand it?

Will two cultures get it?

Would I say this in front of my grandma?

Now, some of you might have some pretty cool Grannies (I know I do) who won’t fault you for saying something interesting but inappropriate. If you do, you need to pick someone you hold to the highest standards!

For example, here is a two-minute video of how I used the three-question humor test to make sure I was going to make the audience laugh. I knew two generations would get it, two cultures would understand it, and I would say it in front of my grandma.

If you don’t know if two generations or cultures would get it, you need to ask people in that demographic. Share it with them. See if they understand it or if they might be offended by it. Always test it out!

Enjoy creating your laugh lines! Remember that humor is important because it helps people remember what you are saying, builds likability, and gets you rehired! As always…

Dream BIG,