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6 Ways to Be More Attractive (PART II)

By Motivation 2 Comments

So, by now you know why you should be more attractive and the benefits attractiveness gets you in the business world, but what are ways to be more attractive? Some of us might need a few tips on how we can make ourselves feel and look more attractive (inside and out) so we can get paid more than our peers, have more people trust us, and increase our confidence!

Here are 6 ways to be more attractive:

1) Clothes: Get clothes that fit you and don’t look ratty. I am not asking you to buy a Burberry shirt and tie. Go to Macy’s, Express or Calvin Klein and get clothes that make you feel more attractive. Find deals! I just did a rehaul on my entire closet at Express and spent less than $500 for a new wardrobe!

2) Smile: The benefits of smiling are endless! Smiles boost your immune system, they are contagious, they relieve stress for you and others who see you, and the list goes on! Smiling makes you more attractive. We all can smile a little more!

3) Posture: From TED sensation Amy Cuddy to writer Jeff Grabmeir, the power of your posture can determine the level of your confidence. Confident people are more attractive! Sit up straight; walk with your shoulders back. Where are your eyes and hands when you are talking with people? Fix your posture right now and instantly see an increase in your attractiveness level!

4) Haircut: Do you have a Donald Trump or Miley Cyrus haircut or do you have a haircut that matches your style, profession, and attractiveness level? One of the best $50 investments you can make is going to a real hairstylist who can tell you what would look best on that beautiful brain of yours and more importantly what product you should be using! It took me five years to realize my hair does not do well with gel, and I am a pomade guy!

5) Breath: There is nothing that shoots your attractiveness level down faster than talking to someone with bad breath! I mean get a Tic-Tac; they are $0.99 USD for a pack of 100! Constantly be checking your breath and doing what it takes to make that tongue squeaky clean!

6) Body/Mind: Take care of your physical and mental health. We only have one body and brain. You don’t need Channing Tatum abs, the mind of Buddha or Angelina Jolie body parts; all you need is to feel and look healthy. That is for both sides of the spectrum from too thin or too wide. Hundreds of healthy and challenge workouts are readily available. Recipes abound which are easily made and packed with flavor and goodness for our insides. I may or may not use Nike Training Club for Women (don’t judge) and I enjoy any recipe that I can do in our crock pot!

Anyone can do the above six things. They will make you look and feel more attractive starting now! I am not asking you to inject your lips with collagen, slather on makeup, or drink only protein shakes!

Again, feeling and looking attractive is 90% how you feel about your attractiveness and portraying that feeling to the world.

Show them what you are made of and how attractive you really are and see how much more fun you’ll have! As always…

Dream BIG,

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