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Why You Need a Worst-Case Scenario

By Motivation 2 Comments

I met a new friend for coffee. We began talking about our goals, dreams and life ambitions.

Now, many of you know I do not believe in Plan B as there is no room for Plan B when you fully are aware you are capable of achieving your Plan A.

What I asked my new friend to do is something Chelsea and I do when we become afraid to move forward with steps toward accomplishing our big dreams.

TO DO: Write out your worst-case scenario.

On a piece of paper, write out what would be the worst-case scenario if you went for your dream.

Debt? Losing your home? Having to move?

My worst case scenario is losing all my money, losing my top floor apartment in the city I love, selling my car, having people not like me, and having nothing but the clothes on my back which inevitably means Chelsea and I would need to move back in with my parents again. That is my worst-case scenario.

We don’t die. We still have our health and our love for each other, and I move in with people whom I love. So is it really that bad? No! Not even a little bit! So why wouldn’t you go for your dream when your “worst-case scenario” isn’t really that bad at all?

Plus, if you do make it to your worst-case scenario you know how to get back to where you already are, because you have done it before. This time, you can do it faster and smarter!

Take the time to write out your worst case scenario, and see for yourself it is not really that bad, at all. Your dreams are waiting for you. Go out and make things happen. The world deserves your contribution! As always…

Dream BIG,

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