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The Five Ps To a Perfect Proposal

By Motivation, Uncategorized 2 Comments

Starting out I wasn’t getting the results I wanted nor the revenue a full-time speaker really needed to make ends meet. I had proposals in the hands of the right people, but nothing was popping up. I knew my content was valuable to professionals, but those who were buying weren’t biting.

I had to be doing something wrong when writing or delivering proposals to potential clients.

I dove in. I asked questions. I researched, read, wrote and re-wrote my proposals. After weeks of formulating a formula, I tested it on my first client. The next week I landed my first BIG five-figure contract.

How did this proposal differ from the others I was sending? It was a formula you can use that I like to call the 5 Ps To a Perfect Proposal:

State Your Position: What is your take on an issue, a problem, or a belief you have? What experience do you have with it? Why does it matter to you?

Identify The Problem: What problem is your target audience facing that they need help solving?

Give a Process: What process will you take them through to fix this problem?

Offer a Product: What do they need to buy in order to fix this? A keynote, a training, a book, a six-week course?

Illustrate the Priority: What happens if they don’t fix this problem? What will their business look like, and why does it need to happen now? Why are you the one they should go with versus someone else?

This simple formula has helped me land larger clients and get more ‘yeses’. This simple to use, simple to read, and simple to understand formula has resonated with several of my clients and created significant income for my business.

So, the next time you write a proposal state your position, identify the problem, give a process, offer a product, and let them know why this is a priority. Hope that helps. Keep using your voice to make a difference! As always…

Dream BIG,