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How Millennials Will Be Responsible For Changing America’s Political System

Do you vote for Trump or do you vote for Clinton? For most American’s, these are the two choices we feel we have when selecting our […]

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31 Days of Kindness

31 Days of Kindness – Year 3

Here we go! 31 days of kindness is starting August 1, 2016. This year we want 1,000+ people on board who, collectively, will do more than 31,000 […]

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Ryan Avery's Letters

Do You Want a Handwritten Letter?

  Last year I got sent handwritten letters from many of you and each one of those envelopes made my day! I think there is something […]

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Top 15 Photos of 2015

Top 15 Photos of 2015 Challenge

Are you ready for the top 15 photos of 2015 challenge? For the past few years Chelsea and I have recapped our year in photos (in relation to […]

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The Map to Dreaming BIG

Taking Two Weeks Off

Hey Todayers! Chelsea and I head out this week for South America and Antarctica for our Map to Dreaming BIG event. In less than two weeks we […]

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