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What is Your Word of The… QUARTER?

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For the past 5+ years, I have chosen a word for the year that helps guide my decisions and keeps me on track for my goals.

This year was the first year in which I felt like I wanted more than one word as 2020 has been… well a year!

So with that, I am challenging myself (and us) to look at the word for the next QUARTER instead of the entire year. What word do you want to focus on for Q1 of 2021 that will keep you motived, get you going and help you reach your goals?

My word for Q1 2021 will be:  REACH!

To me, this word means many things:
I want to reach new heights.
I want to reach out.
I want to reach for things I usually wouldn’t try.
I want to reach new levels of speaking.

My word is going to be REACH. What is your word going to be?

The 2020 Photo Challenge

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Every year my family and I select the number of photos that correlate with the last two numbers of the year. This year we will select 20 (for 2020). Last year we selected 19 (for 2019) and so on.

We select the photos from our cameras that best represent the year for us and we share them with each other. This is a very fun and eye-opening experience to see what your year was all about and hear from your family about how they saw the same year.

My challenge to you starting this week is to select the 20 photos that best represent your 2020 and share them with your family and friends.

Ready… set… go!

Go From Could to Can

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Many of us are starting to look at setting our goals for 2021.

When doing so, here is one small difference I found that makes all the difference in motivating me to want to follow up and follow through with goals I have been contemplating.

Try it out this week with any decision you have and see how it changes our ability to act on our ideas. Here is the video…

What Are You NOT Thankful For?

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Every year in America, millions of families sit down together to talk about and share what they are thankful for. However, one thing we don’t talk about is… what are we NOT thankful for?

In this week’s notes I challenge us to think about what we are NOT thankful for and why. Here is the video:

What are you not thankful for and what can you do about it or how can you change your perspective around the thing you are not thankful for?

The AAA of Leadership: Attention. Attitude. Approach.

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Taking a look at all that is going on right now, there are three “A” words that come to mind for how we can get better results and be THE leader. Check out the 4-minute video this week (with a cameo from my son)!

What can we all do this week to pay attention to something outside of what we usually do, change our attitude to improve our character and look at our approach to better our results?




Are you a Bad Company, Good Company or Great Company?

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I am reading Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is The Way (highly recommend) this week and one thing that stood out to me is this excerpt from Andy Grove:

“Andy Grove, a former CEO of Intel, outlined when he described what happens to businesses in tumultuous times: “Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them.” Great individuals, like great companies, find a way to transform weakness into strength.”

What is ONE way we can transform ONE of our weaknesses this week into strength?

Ready… set… be THE!


Get Creative

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This week I had to be creative while being on the road and in a hotel room to deliver one of my virtual presentations. Here is the set up!

My challenge for us this week is to get creative the next time something comes our way that we are not used to or puts us in a different environment.

Where can we get creative this week? Ready… set… go!




How to Get Ready for A Virtual Meeting

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I have 17 virtual keynotes this month and more than a dozen coaching sessions.
I had one client ask me how I get ready and prepare for all my virtual meetings and thought I would share it with all of us this week.

We use the acronym C.L.A.P. to get ready for our virtual meetings:
CONTENT – Do I have the content I need in front of me for this specific meeting?
LIGHTING – Is my lighting what I want it to be?
AUDIO – Is my audio working correctly?
POSITION – What is the angle of my camera and does my background represent me personally and professionally?

This allows us to stay ready, present ourselves that best represents us and our company, and allows us to connect with those we are speaking to online. Remember, “How we are perceived, dictates what we receive!”

Make sure to use C.L.A.P. for your next virtual meeting this week and see how you feel different online.
For those who want it, here is the infographic you can share with your team.
Have the best week and remember to always be THE!

Because It Offends You Does Not Mean…

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Here are my notes this week about being offended and what we can do when we are offended!

leaders wearing masks

How to Interact With Customers While Wearing a Mask

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A few clients have asked me how they can communicate with their customers while wearing a mask. I thought there might be a few others out there who want a few strategies to keep in mind when talking with customers while wearing a mask. Please feel free to share, print the PDF, or keep! If you have any other suggestions always open to know more! Stay healthy out there!

How to Interact With Customers With a Mask On
Ryan Avery's Letters

Do You Want a Handwritten Letter?

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Last year I got sent handwritten letters from many of you and each one of those envelopes made my day!

I think there is something special about going to your mailbox and seeing an envelop that has your name printed on it in human handwriting! I want to be more conscious of doing little things that can make a BIG difference so this year I am going to write at least three hand-written letters a week to those who want one!

Do you want a handwritten letter? All you have to do is email me your mailing address at with a subject that says “I want a letter.” Tell me what’s going on in your life! What do you want to accomplish this year? Give me a good Would You Rather question. Let me know where you plan to travel!

This will be fun for me and hopefully it is a way I can give back in another way to say thank you for all you do for me! I did this campaign several years ago. Although I couldn’t get to everyone’s request I really did and will continue to try to send as many as I can. I for sure am committing to at least three a week!

I hope you are enjoying the start to your week and I look forward to receiving your emails.  As always…

Dream BIG,

Ryan Avery
PO BOX 9344
Portland, OR 97207

Question: Know someone who could use a letter? Share this article on your social media or via email and let the hand writing begin!