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6 Reasons Why I Am Moving To Mondays

By Motivation 4 Comments

Hey Todayers, I have been evaluating how my core values tie in with what I am doing and what readers want in my writing. My number one core value is to produce quality.

Readers are looking for simple success strategies they can use to make a significant impact in their personal or professional lives. With that said, I am going to be moving my articles from Monday, Wednesday and Friday… to Mondays.

Here is my reasoning and what we all should consider when creating content:

Choose quality over quantity: I want to keep producing quality. I can tell from the way my schedule has been growing that I have been creating content to create content rather than to share strategies of high quality. Lately, I have caught myself saying things like, “Well, I just need to get an article out” or “Let me think of something creative to write, so I can get more followers” rather than taking time to do more research, learn about my readers/industry, and give you the best content. I am not saying I have not produced quality. In fact, I am proud of what I have done with this blog. What I am saying is that I have begun catching myself thinking about wavering with my core value, and I don’t want to go down that route. I want to keep producing quality content while managing my time, my growing schedule, and my upcoming opportunities.

Write in hopes it will stick: There is a lot of content out there. I want to make sure I don’t give you too much, but rather give you content you can immediately take, use, and implement.

Be the leading resource for readers: I have heard from a few people that I can overwhelm you with blog updates or content. I want to be seen as a leading resource for you, not as a spammer whom you gloss over when my email lands in your inbox with a new article.

Give time to building your brand: I am making some big changes in the next few months. I have hired a brand strategist, a videographer, and a photographer. I keep reaching out to my long-time followers and clients who are helping me identify the value I bring and lining it up with what I want to do. This takes time, and I want to get it right!

Listen to your statistics: My views on Mondays are almost double the views as my other days. When I sent out my questionnaire for last year to my readers, the most popular day was Monday when I asked, “What day do you want to read blog articles?”

Identify the purpose of your blog: The purpose of my blog is to share with my readers what I am doing and what I have learned along the way. I want to use this space as an opportunity to share stories and strategies that teach success principles and to connect you with leaders who offer advice that will change your life!

That is why I am moving to Mondays. I hope you stay with me! I hope my content continues to add value to your life. Together, we can continue to grow to be stronger leaders, better speakers, and accomplish our

Dream BIG,

How to Live Before You Die

By Family & Personal Life 5 Comments

Last Monday, my aunt passed away. My cousins lost their mom, my uncle lost his wife, and my Aunt Becky and mom lost their sister.

Death hasn’t occurred too much in my family. I am not a religious person, so I can’t say with certainty what happens after this life. But what I can say, what I am reminded of when someone we love leaves this earth, is that we should live life before we die. Here’s how…

Soak up Your Family. How much time are you spending with those you love?

Fall in Love. What are you doing to make more room for love in your heart?

Smile More. How much do you smile?

Travel Often. Where in the world do you want to go? Go there!

Share Your Feelings. Don’t hold them in. Share what you feel and believe!

Take a Break. Take time to breathe in the air and really see your surroundings. Give thanks for what you have!

Live Your Life, Not Someone Else’s. Are you living the life that is true to you?

Create a Bucket List. What do you want to do before you die?

Actually Start Your Bucket List. What are you doing to check things off the list?

Volunteer More. How do you give back on a regular basis?

Make Money but Don’t Let it Consume You. Money gives us options, but are you too consumed with it?

Be Adventurous. When is the last time you have done something adventurous and fun?

Create Something That Helps Others. What are you doing to offer your talents to the world? Will the world be better off once you leave?

Dream… Then Go After Them. Please, please dream! The world belongs to those who dream and take action! The bigger your dream, the more you give the world! So please, please dream!

There is a saying that, “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die!” I don’t know what the next life will look like, but for now I want you and me to live our lives before we leave this earth!

I want more people to have fun, enjoy family time, and work to accomplish something bigger than themselves! Live life, live today, and as always…

Dream BIG,

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