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Five Days of Giveaways

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This week I am giving away five prizes for fun! Here is how you enter to win each day:

1)   Subscribe to the blog in the right hand corner of this page (if you are already subscribed, you are awesome, and you will be eligible to win, as well).


2)   Each day share and tag one of your favorite articles from on Facebook and/or Twitter. For every post you share and tag, your name will be entered in the daily drawing. So, simply by subscribing and sharing on Facebook and Twitter you can have a total of three chances to win, every day!

Here are nine articles to consider sharing:

3 Easy Ways to Make $500 Speaking
10 TED Talks Everyone Should Watch
Don’t Think The Worst In People

4 Reasons to Co-Author Your Next Book
5 Lessons Learned Being a World Champion
6 Reasons Real Leaders Are Really Speakers

What It’s Like Being Married to The New Wifestyle
What’s The Best Investment to Make in Today’s Economy?
How to Get Over The Past and Focus on The Future

Subscribe to the blog, share an article and get entered to win one of FIVE awesome prizes:

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.01.58 AM

1)   Monday: $25 CASH

2)   Tuesday: Signed copy of Speaker Leader Champion

3)   Wednesday: 30 minute private coaching call

4)   Thursday: Signed copy of Speaker Leader Champion

5)   Friday: 30 minute private coaching call

Reminder: you must be a subscriber to this blog in order to be eligible to win, so be sure to subscribe, and then post an article on Facebook or Twitter. Be part of these five days of giveaways and make some money, get a copy of Speaker Leader Champion and/or a private coaching session!

I will post the winners in the comment section below everyday. I look forward to seeing who wins! As always…

Dream BIG,

4 Reasons to Co-author Your Next Book

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I get a call from Jeremey Donovan saying he would like to do an interview with me the week after I win the World Championship of Public Speaking.

We talk, and I mention I would like to co-author a book with him. Contracts are drawn up, writing begins, and three weeks later I have taken our idea of helping people be better speakers and made the book all about me.

He decides to terminate the contract, and we move on our separate ways. Like my friend John Garcia says, “Your ego is not your amigo.”

Six months later, I realize I was entirely in the wrong and call Jeremey to apologize. I tell him I let my ego get in the way, and that if he ever wants to write a book together I would love to.

He replies back with, “You will never believe whom I just got off the phone with?” I ask, “Who?” He responds, “McGraw-Hill. They want me to write a book about the World Championship! Would you like to write it with me?” I say yes and we get to work!

First, this goes to show you how great of a guy Jeremey is. Second, never underestimate the power of an apology. So we draw up another contract, he connects me with an amazing literary agent, and ten months later we have a #1 best-selling book on Amazon translated into four languages helping leaders be better speakers!

Here are 4 reasons why you should co-author your next book:

1)   Drives you to be a better writer: I am a better writer because of Jeremey — no question about it. Not only did he teach me along the way, he stretched me to think and write differently and gave me skills I can use to write my next book.

2)   Helps you hold yourself accountable: It can be easy to say “I will write that chapter next week.” With a co-author you both give each other deadlines. You do not want to be the one who lets the other down.

3)   Double the marketing: You reach twice as many people! This is a no-brainer!

4)   Develops a stronger product: Speaker Leader Champion is a book I feel proud of because it comes from two very different style speakers who thought long and hard about the value we could add to our readers. Because of it, we produced 92 tips with 44 insights from twelve World Champions on how to be a better speaker!

If you have ever wanted to see your book on the shelf and in the hands of many, start looking for a co-author today!

Looking forward to reading your book! As always…

Dream BIG,

Check out Speaker Leader Champion and learn how to advance in your career through public speaking!

GIVEAWAY: Speaker Leader Champion

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Today I am giving away a new copy of Speaker Leader Champion in any format the winner wants (audio, e-book or a hard signed copy).

Two ways to enter. Do both of these things, get double your chances to win:

1) Subscribe, via email, to the blog in the right hand corner of this page

2) Share this article on any social media account and tag me in it so I know you shared it (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Again, do them both, be counted twice! Like all my giveaways, I will put everyones name on a list, use the random number generator and pick a winner this Saturday afternoon! I hope you are enjoying your Friday and getting ready for and fun-filled summer weekend!

I write articles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am PST. If you’re new I hope you’ll stick around and if you have been here for a while, you are awesome, let me write you a letter! As always….

Dream BIG,

UPDATE: Winner of today’s giveaway is subscriber (dachrismom). I will reach out to you via email as well! Thanks to everyone for sharing and stay tuned for another giveaway soon! 

Strategies of a Successful Book Launch

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Today’s question comes from Shruti Sharma from San Jose, CA when she asks, “What advice do you have for making your book a success once it is written?” 

First you have to be passionate about making your book a success (more than just making money). No one cares more about your book than you. The harder and smarter you work, the more books get sold.

Second, define what success looks like to you! Is it the amount of books you sell, the places you get to travel, the people you help or the speeches you get from those who read the book? What does a successful book look like? Only the author can answer that.

After you define your answer above, here is what I used to make our book a success:

Write it Down: You have to put a strategy on paper to know what it looks like. Then post it up in your office and look at it everyday. I broke my written strategy into three categories (Social, Educational and Business). What can you do to be social around your book, educate people with content from your book and make money from it? I focused 50% of my efforts on social, 30% on educational and 20% on business. List, outline and brainstorm ways you can address these areas with your book.

Podcasts Interviews: Reach out to as many podcasters as you can. Let them know you have a book coming out and you can add value to their listeners. Podcasters are all looking for new content, energetic people to interview and value to add to their subscribers. Make sure to ask them to launch your episode during a week before, the day of or a week after your launch. This will drive more traffic to your site, your book and you as an author because instead of a trickle of interviews happening throughout several months, you get a big serge of name recognition in the launch window.

Social Media Team: Put together a team of people who can help promote the book on various social media sites. I would recommend a minimum of 30 people on your team. The more you get, the more your book gets out there! What can you do to entice them to share your book and get them to join your team?

Book Signing Events: You don’t have to do a big book tour. You can do three cities, shoot you can even do one! Make sure you set up at least one book signing event and invite your friends, family, co-workers and your target market for the book. This is great PR! Take photos, videos and post all over social media! You can host it at your local book store, church, coffee shop, anywhere that will let you. Get your hand ready to sign some books!

Reviews on Amazon: This is an area I lacked in for this launch. Reviews matter on Amazon and will help you sell more over time (in fact, if you have purchased Speaker Leader Champion, I could really use your help with a review on Amazon). Reviews gives the author social proof that their book is valuable and people purchase books depending on the reviews. So the quality and quantity of reviews matter!

Valuable Giveaways: What giveaways can you do to lead up to and follow up with your book launch? Giveaway gift cards or signed copies of your book. Giveaway a free hour of coaching or the first chapter away if they sign up for your newsletter. Offer valuable giveaways to make your following happy and to also interest them in getting a copy or sharing it with their friends.

I am happy with the success of Speaker Leader Champion. The book has been translated into 3 languages and my goal is to have translated into 10. I still have more copies to sell and I enjoy getting emails that readers are getting value from the book.

I have learned an immense amount this first go around and will know how to make my second launch even stronger.  You have to try these things now in order to make your next one even better. When Frank Llyod Wright was asked which house was the best he’d ever built, he said “my next one.”

You have everything you need to make your book a success and now it’s up to you to put in the work. Go out there and make it happen! You are part of 1% of the population who has written a book now be 1% of authors who make their book a success! Looking forward to seeing your name on the shelf! As always…

Dream BIG,

Authors, what other advice do you have for those looking to make their book a success?

Ryan Avery's Letters

100+ Letters Later

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After writing more letters than I can count, I am finished with the letters you requested to help me train for the World Record on April 16th. You rock!

It has been an experience, I have spent way more money than I thought I would ever spend on postage and I enjoy when people post on my wall they received their letters! I still have one month to train for the World Record and for those of you would like a letter, I am going to write ten more to those who have not already received one.

How you enter!

1) Share this post with your family or friends via at least one social media network where you tag Ryan Avery or @AveryToday

2) Send me your address via email at

I will send ten letters to the first ten people who email me and share this article! Can’t wait to keep producing letters and thank you to everyone who sent in their addresses and let me write them! Y’all are amazing. Keep enjoying your week and as always…

Dream BIG,

P.S. If you still need to register for the World Record, make sure to do so today and break a world record with us on April 16th and be part of history!