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What it is like being married to the new wifestyle

By Motivation 4 Comments

Four years ago today, I married my dream.

We have shared burgers, the flu and apartments together.

We have traveled the world, won world championships and been afraid of how we are going to pay next month’s rent.

We have sold everything (other than what fits in our car) and moved across the country twice to chase after our big dreams.

We have become best friends, lovers and best of all partners. She is a strong, smart and bold entrepreneurial social worker whose curly hair, toned body and tattoos makes me melt.

She is also the founder and creator of the new wifestyle where she works with couples on how to create a powerful partnership.

Today, I want to share what it is like living with the new wifestyle everyday:

1) She stretches your thinking: She has helped me think outside the box and opened my eyes to new ways of thinking!

2) She takes way too many photos sometimes: As a blogger I will admit she takes way too many photos of her food but I am thankful she documents our life and she is a rather good photographer!

3) She makes you verbalize your beliefs: She stretches you to articulate what you think and feel so others will understand what you are saying and why it is important to you.

4) She is extremely opinionated: She says what she believes and is open to new ideas. I love her because she can stand up for what she believes in and can talk about what she cares about to anyone.

5) She is my business and life partner: She is loving, talented, skilled and understands she is capable of being an entrepreneur while keeping true to her social worker roots. We make our life partnership a priority and business second!

Being in a relationship takes a lot of work, energy, time, money, resources, trust, and some people might ask, “Why would you want to go through all of that?”

My answer would be because the more work you put into a relationship, the more energy, quality time, money, resources, trust, and love you get back! Investing in someone you love can be one of the best investments you ever make. It pays dividens!

To my wife I love you and can’t wait to continue to live our dream together for 93 more years! To all my lady friends and followers, keep living the new wifestyle and as always…

Dream BIG,

Question: What qualities do you see you in your loved one and how has it helped you be a better person?

Chelsea’s Quotes – Volume I

By Motivation 10 Comments

I have had several people come up to me after my speeches and ask if I was going to post “Chelsea Quotes” again?

For those of you who followed us on our 50-City North American tour, every week I  posted quotes from Chelsea (my wife) while being on the road. Some made you think, most were strange and a lot of them made me laugh and I hope they made you do the same.

I wanted to bring it back because lately she has been full of good, motivational and funny quotes so every now and again I will post some of Chelsea’s best quotes. Oh, how much fun it is to work with you spouse!

“Babe you can’t leave these windows open at night. What if someone crawls up here and murders us?”

* in relation to us living on the 5th floor in one of the safest cities in America and her actually being serious

“Well, you shouldn’t have married such a funny wife.”
* in relation to me asking her to stop making me laugh while I was sick

“You should incorporate dance into your next keynote.”
* in relation to her being serious after watching this video

“Do it, or I will pour honey on your knees.”
* in relation to me not wanting to take a shower

“Guys with gold pinky rings… realllllllly freak me out!”
* in relation to…I 100% agree

“My PMS is really intense today so I am going to need you to tread lightly which means I need you to go away.”
* in relation to me just standing there

“I’d watch Jurassic Park.”
* in relation to the first thing she said when we woke up

“Do you know where a donut shop is around here?”
* in relation to her asking a stranger this question while she had a huge cookie in her hand and the stranger for sure judged us!

“Um, what is more American than a cinnamon roll?”
* in relation to… EVERYTHING!!!

This is my life. I am so thankful Chelsea is my wife because everyday she makes me laugh, pushes me to be better and I know I won’t ever have a boring day as long as I am with her. Take some time to write down some of the quotes you hear this week, they are fun to look back on and can be a great way to reflect on memories.

Take time to tell those who matter most to you, that you love them and are thankful they are in your life!

As always…

Dream BIG,

Question: What was your favorite quote from Chelsea this time and do you want me to continue to do articles like this every now and again?