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Keep Going!

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When you are going for your goals there will be obstacles in your way! The bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles!

They are there as markers to see if you are ready to make your dreams happen! Look at them… and run right through!

We all have goals and dreams and when a bump comes up or a roadblock stands in our way, we have to keep fighting and moving forward toward the dreams we have for ourselves.

This week has been full of surprises, ups and downs and some major roadblocks! However, so many people and organizations are on board for the World Record on April 16th and this goal is worth fighting for.

Your goal is also! Keep going, keep pushing yourself and keep making things happen! It’s worth it! As always…

Dream BIG,

Ryan Avery

Question: What goal do you want to accomplish this year? What obstacle stands in your way?

4 Ways to Reflect on Going Back

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This week I am in Fort Collins, CO at Colorado State University (CSU) to meet with campus and community members to help break the World Record on April 15th.

It feels like I am walking in a futuristic Twilight Zone as I cross the same streets and enter the same buildings I did when I was an undergrad here more than five years ago. New architecture, same professors and I swear these students look way younger than they did when I went to school here!

I have lived so much in the past five years and hands down without the experience I gained, knowledge I developed and people I met at CSU I would not be where I am today. As happy as CSU made me it feels strange to be back and reflect on the roller coaster ride college was.

I caught myself feeling several emotions as I walked campus and remembered the really good and extremely difficult times I spent here. As I started reflecting I wanted to make sure my thoughts were not, “Ahh.. I miss those days.” but rather, “Ahh… I am so glad I had those days.” Yes… even the tough ones, the really tough ones!

Next time you are feeling mixed emotions and visiting your past, here are five ways you can reflect on your life in a positive light:

1) Give thanks you were able to make that memory: That memory made you. Good or bad, memories help shape who you are and help you make decisions today. Give thanks for being able to make memories that many will never experience!

2) Give thanks you are able to remember that memory: As my grandmother is forgetting more and more everyday, I am reminded that even if the memory is positive or negative, the power of being able to bring that memory back to life is a gift to be thankful for. Use it to your advantage and focus on the

3) Think of those you still have in your life from that experience: Is there someone you met or who changed your life during that experience? Someone you use as inspiration to live a better life. Someone who pushes you to be stronger, more successful… maybe even a little sweeter! Be thankful you were able to experience their energy!

4) Think of the decisions you made because of the decisions you made: I noticed this post today on my friends Facebook, “As looking back on my life, I realize every time I  thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”  Every decision you made gave you something in return and the choice is up to you on the way you view it. Make it positive and remember we control our own life.

Whether you are going back to your college, school or a hometown there were good and bad things that happened to you while you were there. Those things made you who you are today. Reflect on why your future will be better because of your past decisions, interactions and memories made! As always…

Dream BIG,
Ryan Avery

Today’s Question: What one memory are you thankful for (good/bad) that shaped you into the person you are today?
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World Record for the Largest Book Signing in History with Ryan Avery

1,000 Signatures and counting…

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I have started my training for the World Record on April 15th. 5,000 signatures in ten hours will be what it takes to take home the gold.

I wanted to see how many times I could sign my name before my wrist got weak and I got to about 1,000. Then I switched to my left hand and as you can see from the photo above… I have a lot of work to do before then… especially with my left hand signature.

At first, 5,000 signatures seems doable… then you try it and you tell yourself you better get training!

So today I am putting together a training schedule to get ready for this record. It will include signing my name more 100,000 times, writing 500 letters, doing push-ups everyday and working with one of those 5-pound hand grips with a spring.

If I want to do this, training is a must.

This week I am in Fort Collins meeting with campus and community organizations to help market the event and get people on board to break a World Record at CSU! Remember to stay in touch by signing up for the blog at the top right hand corner of this page and email me at if you have ideas or contacts that can help with the event!

Once I get my training schedule completed, I will share with you my plans to get ready to sign 5,000 books on April 15th! Together… we will break a world record!!! As always…

Dream BIG,
Ryan Avery

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