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What is a Todayer?

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The reason I started this blog was to motivate and inspire people to take action on their big goals. I believe we all have the opportunity to add value to this world, and the bigger we dream, the more value we add.

I see my friends, family and community go through the motions of life rather than utilizing their potential and giving their gifts to the world. It’s been said, “The biggest obstacle keeping you from becoming the greatest, is you settling for being good at what you do!”

Just like a car needs gasoline, humans need motivation to move. The farther you plan to go the more you need! My articles, videos, speeches, and life are dedicated to motivating you toward accomplishing your goals and helping you make things happen.

This blog is for those who want to take advantage of today, plan for tomorrow, and to achieve their BIG dreams. I write, speak, and share stories to motivate you to pursue your goals while being open and honest as I strive to attain mine.

So where does the term “Todayer” come into play?

I want to build a like-minded community of people who think, “I am sick of being average, and I am ready to be the best!” I looked at those who were accomplishing big things and I found that each one of them

  • Takes advantage of what he or she has right now
  • Plans for the future
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Takes action
  • Gives back

So, for me a Todayer is someone who takes advantage of today, plans for tomorrow, and actively goes after BIG dreams!

We learn as we go, we support each other while we are on our way, and we make things happen. Do we mess up? Yes! Do we give up! No! We take advantage of what we are given and use it to help others, build up those around us, and make an impact.

After seeing this quote, “The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will!” on an old journal I thought… I want to build a community around people who want more motivation, want to make a difference in this world, and want to go after their big dreams… no matter how crazy, outlandish, and far-fetched the dream seems!

I hope you will join us. Read, share, and comment on articles and videos you see here. I am here for you. I am here to offer motivational stories, strategies, and insights of real value to you.

You will see a lot more of the word “Todayers” on this blog. My hope is to one day see the word spread and have a community full of those who take advantage of today, plan for tomorrow, and go after their BIG dreams!” As always…

Dream BIG,

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4 Things You Should Know About Your Followers

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One reason I like to blog, speak, and train is because it builds a community around those who have big dreams and want to accomplish them! I like pulling people together to make things happen and to build a team for those who want to work hard toward accomplishing their goals. My community is made of what we call “Todayers!”

Todayer: One who takes advantage of today, plans for tomorrow, and works towards accomplishing a big dream!

In order for you to build a community and understand your followers, there are four things you should know about them at all times:

1) How do they like to digest and view your content? I am a speaker, not a writer. Even so, half of my audience enjoys reading blog posts instead of watching videos. I do record videos, but I also take time to write it out to give people what they want. Just because you like to deliver your information in one format does not mean that is how your audience likes to digest it!

2) What is cohesively holding your community of followers together? What is the one thing that all followers have in common? For Todayers, we all go after BIG dreams. We like to accomplish things and then move on to the next. We like to help others accomplish their dreams, and we like to have fun doing it. Our common thread is accomplishing BIG dreams! What holds your community together?

3) What problems do they face on a regular basis? Todayers can face procrastination, lack of motivation, lack of clarity in goal setting or purpose; my goal is to provide secrets, strategies and insights to keep them motivated to pursue their dreams and to be honest and open about going after mine.

4) What motivates them to share your content and stick around? Do you need giveaways, webinars, and/or consistent content posted weekly? Ask them what motivates them to stick around. I am still working on this as more than 40% of my monthly visitors are new, and out of those almost 30% leave each month. I have to do a better job of finding out what keeps them coming back to me (if you are a regular reader, I would love your insight in the comments below).

Know your followers and give them what they want because most often they are giving you what you want; a voice and opportunity to help change the world! When you are ready to become a Todayer, and join 200+ others, sign up to get articles like this one by filling out your email in the right-hand corner of this page.

We have some fun things coming up in 2015 for all Todayers and we hope you will join us. We are excited to learn about what you want to accomplish! As always…

Dream BIG,

How to Feel Productive Everyday

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I was going through my first published YouTube videos and found this one on

Dream BIG,

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Adventures of Public Speaking: Philadelphia

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What leadership lessons can you learn when the airlines lose your luggage, a creepy guy sleeps next to you on the floor and you have to pay over $1,000 in one-way tickets to make your speech on time? Adventures of public speaking…. oh the places you will go! What was the worst travel experience you had and what lesson did you learn from it? 

Don’t Think The Worst In People

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Here is a three minute story about a lessons learned from someone “stealing” from me this week!

Special Olympics Oregon with Ryan Avery

When is the right time to leave a company to start your own?

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One year ago today, I stopped working for an organization that inspired me. Everyday I went to work, I was excited by the mission, the people I worked with and my roles and responsibilities to help improve the lives of those we served. I had potential in the organization and the proposition of leaving to start working for myself was a difficult one to make.

Allison E with Special Olympics OregonI decided to leave my job at Special Olympics Oregon to become a full time speaker for three reasons:

1) I asked myself, “One day, when my kids ask me if I went for my dreams, I want to make sure I can tell them ‘yes’ with all honesty.”

2) Worst case scenario, I can always get a job again

3) As long as Chelsea was on board, I would be all in!

The decision was rational, frightening and exciting all balled into one. I felt like a peppy puppy having to choose between a run on the beach or a playdate in the park! How do you leave a job you love to create a company you know nothing about?

Here are six questions to consider if you are looking to start your own company:

AveryToday's First Office

This was AveryToday, Inc. “Headquarters” when we started last year. Dream BIG right?

Are you ok with taking a step backwards financially?

We planned for me leaving but we had to save more, spend less on things that are considered “fun” and use our finances to start a business. We even moved from Oregon to Texas to move in with my parents to save money on rent, you get better tax benefits when you own a Texas corporation and my mom and dad were willing to help support us emotionally throughout our transition.

I am not saying you will go backwards when you start your own company, but are you willing to if needed and invest your money into growing you company rather than living the lifestyle you already have? Are you willing to go three steps back to go five steps forward in the future?

Are you ok with working harder than you ever have?

When you start a company, there is a lot to learn. At the beginning stages of our company there were no weekends. We woke up early, went to bed late and replayed that schedule over and over again until I lost what day of the week it was.

Today, is a little different. I have a schedule, I take personal time and I still work harder than ever but those beginning months can be brutal if you are not prepared for your business to survive. It takes every ounce of energy you have.

Are you ok with things rapidly changing?
In this past year I have quit my full time job, moved from Portland to Houston, wrote a book, put on a 50-city North American Tour, planned a book tour and a world record, delivered keynotes, workshops and private coaching to leaders all over the world, I moved back to Portland, and now I am scuba certified. When you start your own company, things seem to always be changing. You do things you have never done. Are you ok with this?

Ryan Avery leaving Special Olympics OregonAre you ready to be your own boss?
This is the biggest thing you need to think about… Are you self-dicipled enough to make your company survive? Stop here. Think about this and come back to read the rest. Seriosuly think about what you are going to do to be self-dicplined because no longer is anyone telling you what to do, when to do it and how it should get done. It is 100% up to you. This is both freeing and very difficult to manage.

Do you already have a base and slight proof you can make it on your own if you try?
We didn’t start our  business by chance. It was our choice to leave but we planned, outlined how much money we were making, how much we could be making if we took it full-time. Planning doesn’t always work. Those first six months were brutal. We didn’t meet any of our financial goals for the first six months but we kept pushing ourselves and used the proof we had to remind each other  we could keep doing what we were doing. If you can do it once, you can repeat it twice!

Is your family okay with taking the leap with you?

Your family depends on you, they have to be okay with the above as well because this is not a decision you make alone, it is one y’all (yes I am from Texas) must make. Have a conversation with your family, tell them what you want to do. Ask them what they need and are how they are willing to help or support you on your dreams.

I went from employee to entrepreneur in 24-hours and today I own two successful business. I have a long way to go, more to learn and a whole lot more people to serve but I am ultimately glad I took the leap. You only live once, right? Take the above decisions to consider owning your own business. As scary as it was, looking back on this year, I made the right choice. You are not too young or too old to start, but what you must do is make a decision, start planning for the life you want to live and go for it!

As always…
Dream BIG,

Keep Going!

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When you are going for your goals there will be obstacles in your way! The bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles!

They are there as markers to see if you are ready to make your dreams happen! Look at them… and run right through!

We all have goals and dreams and when a bump comes up or a roadblock stands in our way, we have to keep fighting and moving forward toward the dreams we have for ourselves.

This week has been full of surprises, ups and downs and some major roadblocks! However, so many people and organizations are on board for the World Record on April 16th and this goal is worth fighting for.

Your goal is also! Keep going, keep pushing yourself and keep making things happen! It’s worth it! As always…

Dream BIG,

Ryan Avery

Question: What goal do you want to accomplish this year? What obstacle stands in your way?

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